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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi with PiCAN2 Duo Isolated CAN-Bus Board 1The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, credit-card-sized single-board-computer that connects to a computer monitor or TV and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a small but capable device that empowers people of all ages to discover computing and to learn how to develop applications in programming languages such as Scratch and Python. It is able of performing almost everything you expect from a standard desktop computer, from browsing the internet and playing high-definition video, to creating spreadsheets, word-processing, or playing games.

However, as our product line shows, the Raspberry Pi is also very well capable when it comes to supporting industrial applications and prototyping. We at Copperhill Technologies keep a focus on CAN Bus (Controller Area Network) technologies and higher-layer protocols, such as OBD-II, SAE J1939, and CANopen. The PICAN series of CAN Bus boards for the Raspberry Pi represents a professional and extremely reliable option for CAN Bus development and prototyping.

Raspberry Pi 5Will the PICAN Series of CAN Bus HATs work with Raspberry Pi 5?

The new Raspberry Pi 5 features the Broadcom BCM2712 quad-core Arm Cortex A76 processor @ 2.4GHz, up to three times faster than the previous generation. With RAM variants up to 8GB, this is the fastest, smoothest Raspberry Pi experience yet.

The latest release of Raspberry Pi OS was made to maximize Raspberry Pi 5's potential. The operating system delivers superb desktop performance, making it ideal for work, leisure, enterprise, and more.

While we appreciate the increased performance of hardware and software, such an upgrade also causes major headaches for manufacturers and sellers of RPi HATs, such as our  PiCAN CAN Bus HAT series. The questions that arise are: Is the HAT still hardware-compatible? Will the driver software and other software utilities still work? Read our test report...

PICAN CAN Bus HAT For Raspberry Pi - Selection Guide

Not sure what board fits your requirements best? See our PICAN Selection Guide....