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Android Based In-Vehicle Tablet With SAE J1939 And CANopen Support

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CP Device - APOLLO Series Ruggedized In-vehicle Tablet

CP Device (China) introduced their series of displays suitable for road and off-road vehicles, which also support the ISO 15765-2 CAN transport protocol.

The Chinese manufacturer offers different screen sizes, 7-inch or 10.1-inch. The devices utilize 1.5-MHz quad-core processors. The Apollo 10 display features 2-GiB RAM and 16-GiB ROM extendable to 32 GiB. There are several communication options available, such as Wifi, Ethernet, EIA-232, and EIA-485. Also, up to four cameras can be connected to the display.

The CAN Bus interface supports bit-rates of 250 kbit/s and 500 kbit/s. The supplier provides protocol stacks for CANopen and SAE J1939. Also, the ISO 15765-2 CAN transport protocol is supported, which is used primarily in passenger cars. The display uses an Android operating system.

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SAE J1939 ECU Simulator Board With USB Port

SAE J1939 ECU Simulator Board With USB Port

The  jCOM.J1939.USB gateway board is a high-performance, low-latency vehicle network adapter for SAE J1939 applications. It allows any host device with a USB COM port to monitor SAE J1939 data traffic and communicate with the SAE J1939 vehicle network.

The board supports the full SAE J1939 protocol according to J1939/81 Network Management (Address Claiming) and J1939/21 Transport Protocol (TP). It is also supported by an extensive programming interface for Windows and Linux/Ubuntu applications, including full C/C++/C# source code for short time-to-market developments.

The strength of the board lies in the fact that the entire SAE J1939 protocol, including all timing requirements, is stored on-chip, thus taking the burden off the main system. The board uses a USB COM port to communicate with the main system, i.e. all data transfer is handled through a standard COM port access. 

The communication protocol between the board and the main system is well documented and thus allows a porting to any computer system with a USB connection. Working source code libraries exist for Windows (C# under Visual Studio 2012/2013), Linux and its derivatives (C++ using Code::Blocks), and Raspberry Pi (C using the standard gcc compiler).

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Galvanically Isolated Repeaters For CAN Bus, CAN FD And CAN Based Higher Layer Protocols

Ixxat, a brand of HMS Networks (Sweden), has released its product line of galvanically isolated CAN FD repeaters. Adding to the current Ixxat line of CAN bridges and gateways, HMS Networks offers four CAN FD repeaters, which are also suitable for Classic CAN Bus networks. The products allow CAN FD and CAN Bus devices to be networked using tree [...]

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Dual CAN FD Interface Board With Real Time Clock For Raspberry Pi

CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data-Rate) is an extension to the original CAN Bus (Classic CAN) protocol specified in ISO 11898-1. CAN FD was created to provide gains in bandwidth within automotive and industrial networks. The CAN FD protocol has moved application software closer to "real time" through the reducing delays between instruction and transfer of [...]

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CAN Bus USB Module With Two Isolated High-Speed CAN FD Interfaces

The CAN-USB/400-FD by esd electronics is a USB gateway module with two isolated CAN Fd ports compliant with ISO 11898-2. The module is powered by an ISO 16845:2004 certified esd Advanced CAN Core (esdACC) implemented in an Altera FPGA, and it is capable of managing of up to 100% CAN busload. The interface can transmit and receive [...]

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Dual Channel CAN Bus Interface And Standalone Data Logger For CAN Bus Data Monitoring And Collection

Kvaser’s Memorator data-loggers are an ideal fit for those gathering great amount of CAN Bus data. Kvaser Memorators support Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) offering between 4 GiB to 32 GiB and Secure Digital eXtended Capacity (SDXC) format for upwards of 32 GiB. Compared to a hard-drive, an SD card offers various advantages regarding cost, performance (higher [...]

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Raspberry Pi Based Controller With CAN Bus Interface Serves As IoT Gateway

Kontron (Germany) has released its series of KBox A-330-MX6 host controllers, which can also serve as IoT (Internet-of-Things) gateways. The KBox A-330-MX6 is based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM3+ and can, therefore, use the software pool of the Raspberry Pi community. The host controller with IoT gateway functionality comes with an i.MX6 dual-core processor [...]

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Guide To Development And Testing Of Linux Device Drivers

Device drivers run everything that you are interested in, such as disks, monitors, keyboards, modems and everything outside the computer chip and memory. Moreover, the development of device drivers is one of the few areas of programming for the Linux operating system that requires unique, Linux-specific knowledge. For years now, programmers have relied on the classic [...]

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SAE J1939 Network Management And Address Claim Procedure

The following is an excerpt from  A Comprehensible Guide To J1939 by Wilfried Voss. According to SAE J1939/81, network management procedures are used to “collectively manage the network”. The chapters on network management have no logical structure (Again, explaining the function of an automobile, starting with the details of the fuel injection system); they explain the address claim messages first in [...]

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Real-Time CAN Bus Data Recorder With SD Card

As a company selling CAN Bus prototyping and data processing hardware, we check the market frequently for new products, specifically those we might want to add to our product palette. One product that caught our attention was the GCAN-401, offered by Shenyang Guangcheng Technology (China). The GCAN-401 is a CAN Bus data recorder that stores CAN bus [...]

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CAN Bus Interfaces for PC And Industrial Computers Support SAE J1939, CANopen, ARINC 825

The CAN (Controller Area Network) Bus is a well-established standard in the fields of automotive and commercial vehicle industries, machine building industry, medical technology, and aerospace. esd electronics offers a wide range of hardware platforms and bus systems. Drivers with an identical API, BSPs and higher layer protocols like CANopen, SAE J1939 and ARINC 825 are available for Windows, [...]

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