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ESP32 Project: CAN Bus, SAE J1939, NMEA2000 Converter With IoT Functionality

It was just a few weeks ago that I received some bad news. Due to the worldwide shortage of electronic components, the NXP LPC1754 processor we use for our SAE J1939 ECU Simulator with USB Port will not be available for several months, maybe even well into 2022. Consequently, it was time to rethink the design, and [...]

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4G Telematics Unit With OBD-II (CAN Bus) Port For Fleet Management

The TMU Pi3 telematics unit by Autopi (Denmark) utilizes the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ SBC, and it connects to in-vehicle CAN Bus networks via the OBD2 port.The device uses the 1,4-GHz Broadcom BCM2837B0 SOC with Cortex-A53 64-bit quad-core processor, including 512-MiB SDRAM and a 32-GiB micro SD card with installed Raspbian Jessie operating system and Autopi [...]

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Industrial Cellular 4G LTE Router For Advanced IoT Applications

Phytools announced adding a new suite of products to their portfolio of industrial networking solutions. The Teltonika Networks product line incorporates dependable, secure, and easy-to-use cellular 4G LTE mobile routers, gateways, and switches for industrial, enterprise, IoT, and M2M applications. The RUT240 is one of the most popular industrial 4G LTE WiFi routers for professional M2M and [...]

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SAE J1939 vs. CAN Bus - What's the Difference?

To say it upfront, the difference between SAE J1939 and CAN Bus (Classical CAN and CAN FD) has all to do with so-called "Higher Later Protocols (HLP)," and SAE J1939 is one of them. I have written a post about HLPs (see: Guide to SAE J1939 - CAN Bus Higher Layer Protocols), but I would like [...]

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CAN FD Data Logger For CAN Bus Monitoring, DBC Logging, Message Filtering, SAE J1939 Logging, And Trigger Events

Influx Big Data Solutions introduces their ReXgen 2 CAN Bus logger, one of the smallest, compact, robust, and powerful handheld CAN Bus data recorder available in the market today. The device is targeted at applications requiring CAN 2.0 and CAN FD data recording capabilities. The data logger comes with a freely distributable ReXgen data logger configuration [...]

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Telematics Gateway With SAE J1939 Data Logging For Predictive Maintenance Of Diesel Engines

The Telematics Gateway from iWave represents a vehicle diagnostics system for monitoring critical vehicle parameters from any place. The device supports four CAN Bus interfaces, including CAN FD, and is suitable for heavy-duty trucks, off-road vehicles, emergency vehicles, and vessels.The gateway utilizes parameters such as location, working duration, engine performance, and engine parameters that require continuous [...]

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Multi-Functional Telematics Gateway Processes SAE J1939, ISOBUS Parameters For Predictive Maintenance

The  CANUp telematics gateway by Technoton represents a multi-functional telematics unit for use in advanced machinery telematics systems. Advanced machinery includes mobile and stationary objects, which have many operation monitoring parameters for engines, power generators, boilers, various additional equipment, and other assemblies. The core features of the CANUp telematics gateway include: Reading over 10,000 machine operation parameters, thus the [...]

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CAN Bus, SAE J1939, NMEA 2000 Programming With ESP32, Supporting USB, Bluetooth, BLE, And WiFi

The  ESP32 Series of modules by Espressif supports the integration of WiFi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth LE for a wide range of applications, most prominently for IoT (Internet of Things). For instance, using WiFi ensures connectivity within a large radius. Using Bluetooth allows the user to easily detect (with low-energy beacons) a module and connect it to [...]

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ESP32-Azure IoT Kit For Sensor Data Acquisition And Cloud Platform Access

The ESP32-IoT development board by Espressif provides powerful functions that are specifically designed for sensor data acquisition, cloud platform access, and a broad spectrum of applications.ESP32-Azure IoT Kit supports innovative network configuration, cloud platform access, and sensor data acquisition. It is part of the product list of Microsoft’s Azure IoT solutions, and Espressif is an official partner of Microsoft's IoT [...]

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AI Vehicle Computer For Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion Supports Two CAN Bus Interfaces

Syslogic Industrial Computing introduced its AI railway computer RSL A3 for AI-assisted railroad applications. It comes with two CAN Bus interfaces. The device utilizes the recent Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier industrial System on Module (SOM), created for challenging environmental conditions. The module features a 512-core Nvidia Volta GPU with 64 Tensor cores, two Nvidia deep learning accelerators, two [...]

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