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Automotive Ethernet to CAN Bus Converter For Mobile SAE J1939, ISOBUS Applications

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Axiomatic Technologies introduced their AX141530, a CAN-to-Ethernet protocol converter to support automation for mobile applications.

The module translates CAN Bus 29-bit extended data frame to Automotive Ethernet (100 Mbit/s) and vice versa. It comes with Power, Link, and Speed LED indicators and an IP67 rating, making the product fitting for harsh environments, such as vibration and water resistance. The converter supports a 12 to 24 VDC input power range for operation per battery.

It provides one CAN Bus and one Ethernet port through two M12 connectors and tolerates surge, reverse polarity, input overvoltage, and input under-voltage protection. The Automotive Ethernet fieldbus supports bit rates of 100 Mbps and the CAN Bus supports baud rates up to 1 Mbps.

Commander and responder functionally are either factory set or can be configured. The data frames are neither stored nor modified during the transition. Status LEDs provide information on connection links and communication. SAE J1939 is available as a configuration port.

Axiomatic also offers CAN-to-Wifi and CAN-to-Bluetooth converters for machine automation and utilization on off-road machinery.

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Automotive Ethernet by Kirsten Matheus and Thomas Königseder

Learn about the latest developments in Automotive Ethernet technology and implementation with this completely revised third edition. It includes 20% new material and greater technical depth, including a detailed explanation of the new PHY technologies 10BASE-T1S (including multidrop) and 2.5, 5, and 10GBASE-T1, discussion of EMC interference models, and a description of the new TSN standards for automotive use. 

They feature details of security concepts, an overview of power-saving possibilities with Automotive Ethernet, and an explanation of functional safety in the context of Automotive Ethernet. Additionally provides an overview of test strategies and main lessons learned. 

Industry pioneers share the technical and non-technical decisions that have led to the success of Automotive Ethernet, covering everything from electromagnetic requirements and physical layer technologies, QoS, and the use of VLANs, IP, and service discovery, to network architecture and testing. The guide for engineers, technical managers, and researchers designing components for in-car electronics and those interested in introducing new technologies.

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Arduino DUE CORE Board With Dual CAN Bus Interface And Extended Power Supply Range

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eBooks (PDF): Technical Literature on CAN (Controller Area Network) and SAE J1939

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 Copyright: © 2005 by Copperhill Technologies Corporation Language: English A Comprehensible Guide to Controller Area Network by [...]

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