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  • FMSCrocodile - Contactless FMS gateway

FMSCrocodile - Contactless FMS Gateway

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The Fleet Management Systems Interface (FMS) is a standard interface for monitoring vehicle data of commercial diesel-engine vehicles. European manufacturers such as Daimler AG, MAN AG, Scania, Volvo (including Renault), DAF Trucks, and IVECO created the MS-Standard in 2002 to advance manufacturer-independent telematics applications.

The data format complies with the SAE J1939 Standard. The message frequency is between 20 ms (e.g., engine speed) and 10 seconds (e.g., vehicle identification number).

  • Physical Layer according to ISO 11898 (250kb/s)
  • Application Layer according SAE J1939/ 71
  • Data Link Layer according SAE J1939/ 21

The FMSCrocodile contactless gateway securely monitors CAN bus data without any electrical contact with the CAN wires, and it automatically generates and sends FMS and Telematics messages to its output CAN 2.0B interface (SAE J1939 Standard). Thus, telematics unit configuration is simple since irrelevant data from the bus is filtered, and the gateway transmits only useful information for vehicle telematics applications.

FMSCrocodile Advantages

Transmission of ready-to-use telematics PGNs

The FMSCrocodile gateway reads the CAN bus data from the vehicle network and transmits only filtered FMS and Telematics messages (PGNs). Further message analysis and parsing are not required.

Linking CAN Bus messages (PGNs) from several networks

FMSCrocodile for multiple networks
Several units of the FMSCrocodile gateways, reading data from different CAN buses, can be interconnected with each other to transmit data to just one CAN-port of the telematics unit.

CAN Bus Protection

FMSCrocodile’s contactless method of connecting to wires protects the CAN bus from signal reversal; the CAN bus is protected from intentional or accidental active requests of the telematics unit.

FMSCrocodile For Fuel Consumption Monitoring

The FMSCrocodile gateway can serve as a fuel counter. This feature is valuable for vehicles that do not render fuel consumption data per trip, while immediate fuel consumption data is available. The contactless FMS gateway receives instant fuel consumption from the CAN bus and calculates fuel consumption from the engine start. The output message is according to the SAE J1939 standard.

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal supply voltage: 10 … 45 VDC
  • Operation temperature range: -40 … +85 °С
  • Current consumption: (@24 VDC/12 VDC), not more than 40 mA
  • Weight: 100 g (~3.5 oz)
  • Level of message losses: Not more than 1 %
  • Input interface: CAN 2.0B (SAE J1939)
  • Output interface: CAN 2.0B (SAE J1939)

FMSCrocodile - Connector Pinout

CANCrocodile - Connector Pinout

Note: The colors as shown in above image represent the color of the wire associated with the signal.

FMSCrocodile Output Interface

The FMSCrocodile gateway filters the following CAN messages (PDNs):

61440   Electronic retarder controller 1
61443   Electronic engine controller 2
61444   Electronic engine controller 1
61445   Electronic transmission controller 2
64777   High resolution fuel consumption (liquid)
64932   PTO drive engagement
64933   Door control 2
64977   FMS-standard interface identity/Capabilities
65102   Door control 1
65110   After treatment 1 diesel exhaust fluid tank 1 information
65112   Air suspension control 4
65131   Driver's identification
65132   Tachograph
65136   Combination vehicle weight
65198   Air supply pressure
65216   Service information
65217   High resolution vehicle distance
65237   Alternator information
65253   Engine hours, revolutions
65254   Time/Date
65257   Fuel consumption (liquid)
65258   Vehicle weight
65260   Vehicle identification
65262   Engine temperature 1
65265   Cruise control/Vehicle speed 1
65266   Fuel economy (liquid)
65269   Ambient conditions
65276   Dash display


  • The content of the FMSCrocodile output messages depends on the data available from the CAN bus. This data may differ depending on the manufacturer, the model and the model year.
  • The FMSCrocodile gateway automatically increments the trip fuel consumption counter, calculating it from "Hourly fuel consumption" (SPN 183) and stores the computed values inside an internal memory until power-off. Minimum step of trip fuel consumption counter increments is 0.5 L. If standard PGN 65257, containing "Volume of fuel consumed in a trip" (SPN 182) and/or "Fuel consumption by engine" (SPN 250), is transmitted over the CAN bus, this standard PGN will have higher priority and will be transmitted to the output of FMSCrocodile without any modifications.


Building a Dedicated GSM GPS Module Tracking System for Fleet ManagementBuilding a Dedicated GSM GPS Module Tracking System for Fleet Management: Hardware and Software

This book shows how to build an "INFelecPHY GPS Unit" (IEP-GPS) tracking system for fleet management based on 3G and GPRS modules. This model should provide reliability since it deals with several protocols:

  1. HTTP and HTTPS to navigate, download, and upload in real-time the information to a web server.
  2. FTTP and FTTPS to handle in a non-real time the files to the web application.
  3. SMTP and POP3 to send and receive an email directly from the unit in case of any alert.

Similar to a mobile device, but without a screen for display, it is multifunctional because it links to a GPRS module, a camera, a speaker, a headphone, a keypad, and a screen.

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