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Telematics Gateway For Automatic SAE J1939 and ISOBUS Scanning and Parsing

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CANUp Telematics Gateway - Automatic J1939 and ISOBUS Scanning and Parsing

The CANUp telematics gateway by Technoton couples the functionality of two vehicle data interfaces, a digital-to-analog converter and an online GPS tracking device. The gateway scans and automatically parses 10 000 SAE J1939/71 and ISOBUS parameters and transmits selected data to a web-based telematics server or by email/SMS to a user.

CANUP Online Telematics Gateway

It applies edge computing algorithms for onboard telematics data processing and analysis. In other words, the CANUp telematics gateway analyzes raw data before transmitting it to an online telematics platform. The data analysis is accomplished by applying IoT Burger Technology, and they include:

  • Data reading from standard CAN bus (diesel engines) or ISOBUS (agricultural machinery),
  • Smart measurement of analog signals,
  • Standardization of various types of signals,
  • Detection of quick events. e.g., oil pressure drop, voltage jump,
  • Onboard Report generation, regular or event-based.

The edge computing telematics gateway provides the possibility of creating reports of over 10800+ vehicle operation parameters. The CANUp device receives data from several additional monitoring devices, such as fuel level sensors, fuel flow meters, FMS readers, axle load sensors, etc. The gateway is used as a terminal unit in vehicle tracking systems and stationary object monitoring systems, such as construction and agriculture vehicles, railroad machines, watercraft, diesel generator stations.

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SAE J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator

SAE J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator

The JCOM.J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator is designed to allow the experienced engineer as well as the beginner to experiment with SAE J1939 data communication without the need of connecting to a real-world J1939 network, i.e., a diesel engine. 

In order to establish a network, you need at least two nodes. That fact applies especially to CAN/J1939, where the CAN controller will shut down after transmitting data without receiving a response. For that reason, our jCOM.J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator consists of two J1939 nodes, namely our jCOM.J1939.USB, an SAE J1939 ECU Simulator Board With USB Port.

The jCOM.J1939.USB gateway board is a high-performance, low-latency vehicle network adapter for SAE J1939 applications. The board supports the full SAE J1939 protocol according to J1939/81 Network Management (Address Claiming) and J1939/21 Transport Protocol (TP).

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