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SAE J1939 And OBD-II Data Logger Also Serves As A CAN Bus Interface With Streaming And Monitoring Capabilities

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Free CAN Bus Software: CANvas - Configure, Stream, Convert

The CANvas software for Windows is a 100% free supporting tool for our CAN Bus Logger series. CANvas provides a full suite of powerful features; below you can learn more about configuration, live streaming and conversion.

The CAN Bus Logger series is plug-and-play so you can log data out of the box. However, it is also highly configurable, and CANvas is a great tool for doing so.

As a new feature, the CAN Bus Logger series is no longer “just” a data logger. It now also serves as a fully functional CAN interface, which means you can live stream CAN bus data directly on your PC. With CANvas, it takes just 2 clicks to start streaming.

The GUI is powered by the World’s most popular network analyzer, Wireshark. But it doesn’t end there: The product is also designed to include a free, open source & powerful plugin for Wireshark to infuse a number of critical CAN bus features.


  • Logger ID, data separator, file split limit (e.g. new log every 100 MB)
  • Bit rate incl. optional auto-detection and Silent/'Listen Only' mode
  • Customizable RTC and date/timestamp format (CL2000/3000)
  • Cyclic Logging: Delete oldest files when SD card is full
  • Heartbeat Signal: Receive status message every second from the logger
  • Control Signal: Optionally use custom trigger CAN ID to turn logging on/off
  • Transmit: Add custom CAN messages to be sent periodically (e.g. for OBD2)
  • Filtering: Specify message filters & down-sampling to focus your logging
  • NEW: For the CAN Bus LOGGER 3000, you can also easily configure the WiFi settings
  • NEW: Easily log OBD2 parameters with the built-in database
  • NEW: Enable WiFi TimeSync to keep your CL3000 RTCs in sync
  • NEW: Split log files based on time (time of day or period)
  • NEW: Virtually cap the size of the logger's SD card

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Wireshark 101: Essential Skills for Network Analysis - Second Edition: Wireshark Solution Series

Wireshark is the world's most popular network analyzer tool with over 1 million downloads per month. As the Founder of Wireshark University, Laura Chappell is undoubtedly one of the best Wireshark instructors around.

In this updated book, Laura offers step-by-step instructions on the key functions and features of Wireshark, including:

  • Filter on addresses, protocols, fields or traffic characteristics
  • Create custom columns for more efficient analysis
  • Find the source of delays with filters and coloring rules
  • Perform unattended captures with auto-stop conditions
  • Filter on keywords using wildcards and regular expressions
  • Graph and compare user, subnet and application traffic
  • Reassemble and extract a file from captured traffic
  • Identify DNS and HTTP errors fast
  • Export important packet details to .csv format
  • ...and more

This book includes 46 step-by-step Labs to quickly bring you up to speed with Wireshark version 2 regardless of whether you are a newbie or already working with Wireshark today!

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CAN-Bus ECU Simulator with mbed NXP LPC1768 module

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OBD Simulator For OBD-II Software And Hardware Testing And Development

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