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Telematics Gateway Connects to Multiple SAE J1939 / ISOBUS Sensors

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Technoton CANup Telematics Gateway

The CANUp telematics gateway by Technoton represents a multi-functional tool for advanced telematics systems combining data interface features, digital-to-analog converter, and online GPS/GLONASS tracker.

The telematics gateway allows the easy and error-free implementation of a complex telematics system that uses many onboard smart-sensors and devices necessary for monitoring multiple control points: fuel tanks, engines, upper equipment, trailed/attached equipment, onboard information buses, and more.

The CANUp gateway is designed for advanced mobile and stationary machinery, and it can process 10,000+ CAN,  SAE J1939/71, ISOBUS, and CAN/S6 parameters.

Advantages of CANUp telematics gateway

  • Ability to connect to multiple sensors via CAN SAE J1939/S6 interface: 16 fuel level sensors, 20 flow meters, and more than 20 other devices;
  • 100% compatible and complete data received from fuel level sensors, fuel flow meters, and other Technoton devices - no complicated configuration needed.
  • Supports Bluetooth sensors for fuel and axle load monitoring - ability to build wireless explosion-proof telematics system;
  • Automated parsing of CAN J1939 bus and ISOBUS messages, the transmission of values in a form that can be displayed on the server, indicating SPN number and unit of measurement;
  • Unified presentation of parameters - number, name, range, unit of measurement - provides uniformity and error-free setting of onboard sensors and web-based server.
  • Diagnostics of sensors’ malfunction and data reliability received from additional sensors of a telematics system.
  • User notifications and alarms via e-mail/SMS on important events detected by CANUp telematics gateway - for example, fuel siphoning or interference into telematics system’s operation.

Benefits of using CANUp

  • Increased speed and reduced labor intensity for the installation of a telematics system, which consists of several units and/or types of onboard equipment;
  • Ensured reliability of data transmission between onboard equipment and gateway, minimized risk of incorrect equipment/monitoring server setup;
  • Simplified technical support and remote diagnostics of a telematics system.

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SAE J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator

SAE J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator

The JCOM.J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator is designed to allow the experienced engineer as well as the beginner to experiment with SAE J1939 data communication without the need of connecting to a real-world J1939 network, i.e., a diesel engine. 

In order to establish a network, you need at least two nodes. That fact applies especially to CAN/J1939, where the CAN controller will shut down after transmitting data without receiving a response. For that reason, our jCOM.J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator consists of two J1939 nodes, namely our jCOM.J1939.USB, an SAE J1939 ECU Simulator Board With USB Port.

The jCOM.J1939.USB gateway board is a high-performance, low-latency vehicle network adapter for SAE J1939 applications. The board supports the full SAE J1939 protocol according to J1939/81 Network Management (Address Claiming) and J1939/21 Transport Protocol (TP).

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