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Agricultural Control Unit Supports Isobus, SAE J1939, and CANopen Connectivity

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EC44 Agri control unit by Epec (Finnland)

The EC44 Agri control unit by Epec (Finnland) supports Isobus communication for agriculture applications. In addition, the device can upgrade existing systems to Isobus connectivity when used as a gateway.

The Isobus-compliant device allows plug-and-play compatibility between tractors and other agricultural equipment (e.g., seeders or fertilizers) from different manufacturers and brands. Legacy implementations operated via customized human-machine interfaces (HMI), i.e., each implement required its corresponding HMI (Human Machine Interface) in the tractor cabin.

Due to standardized connectors and application data exchange, Isobus-capable displays can interact with all connected implements, thus eliminating the need for additional HMIs. At the same time, cablings enable enhanced usability and visibility for the operator. Furthermore, the standardization allows means for an increased automation level. The implements work seamlessly with the tractor, improving work efficiency and productivity and lowering the overall environmental impact.

The EC44 Agri control unit can be deployed as an Isobus standalone unit or as a gateway between Isobus and other CAN-based networks, e.g., via CANopen. In addition, it can upgrade a non-Isobus compatible implement system to Isobus-compatibility without re-designing the entire system.

The device features a 32-bit processor and a 1-MiB internal SRAM for the application, user interface, and parameters. It provides two Classical CAN-Bus ports, 16 inputs and 16 outputs with high-side current measurement, and a status LED. The unit employs Codesys 3.5 programming, and it supports PLC libraries. In addition, it allows higher-layer protocols such as CANopen and SAE J1939. The full aluminum housing offers IP69K protection, and the lever locking connector is explicitly designed for high vibration environments. 

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SAE J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator

SAE J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator

Our JCOM.J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator is designed to allow the experienced engineer as well as the beginner to experiment with SAE J1939 data communication without the need of connecting to a real-world J1939 network, i.e. a diesel engine.

The starter kit allows you to monitor, simulate, and record any PGN as defined in the SAE J1939-71 Standard but also including diagnostic messages according to SAE J1939-73.

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