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SAE J1939 Diagnostic Device Includes a PGN, SPN Database

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PEAK PCAN-Diag FD J1939 Add-in

The handheld PCAN-Diag FD device from PEAK-System supports diagnosing communication on a CAN (FD) network. In addition, a separately available extends the functionality to analyze SAE J1939 data traffic.

The SAE J1939 Standard describes communication in utility vehicles via CAN Bus. The standard specifies messages and data for transmitting diagnostic and control information using PGNs (Parameter Group Numbers) and SPNs (Suspect Parameter Numbers). Decoding multi-packet messages with payload data up to 1785 bytes and definition of up to 20 custom PGNs are possible.

The CAN Bus data traffic is analyzed utilizing the SAE J1939 database and presented in a way understandable for the user. In addition, the add-in includes functions such as decoding multi-packet messages, address claiming, and handling diagnostic information. The SAE J1939 add-in requires a device-bound license file, and it authorizes updates of the SAE J1939 database for two years.


  • Supports the SAE J1939 standard
  • Representation of SAE J1939 data interpreted according to PGN and SPN definitions
  • SAE J1939 database with all definitions and the included parameters
  • Definition of up to 20 custom PGNs
  • Decoding of multi-packet messages with payload data up to 1785 bytes
  • Support for address claiming
  • Display of DM and DTC diagnostic data

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SAE J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator

SAE J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator

The SAE J1939 starter kit allows you to monitor, simulate, and record any PGN as defined in the SAE J1939-71 Standard but also including diagnostic messages according to SAE J1939-73.

The starter kit was not designed to simulate specific diesel engines, but if you enter all PGNs that are being used, you can design and simulate any diesel engine.

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