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DIN Rail Ethernet to CAN/CAN FD Interface Supports SAE J1939, NMEA 2000, CANopen

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Kvaser DIN Rail SE410S-X10 Ethernet-to-CAN(FD) multi-channel interface

Kvaser introduced their DIN Rail SE410S-X10 Ethernet-to-CAN(FD) multi-channel interface with additional I/O support through add-on modules.

Kvaser supplies advanced CAN Bus solutions to engineers designing and deploying systems in areas as wide-ranging as trucks and buses, petrol-driven and electric cars, industrial automation, avionics, construction equipment, building automation, domestic appliances, marine, medical, military, railway, telecoms, textiles and more.

The Kvaser DIN Rail SE410S-X10 is an Ethernet-to-CAN (FD) interface with four galvanically-isolated CAN (FD) channels, supporting I/Os via add-on modules and a 16-GiB flash storage. The device acts as a managing controller for the add-ons. In addition, it supports CAN-Bus-based higher-layer protocols such as SAE J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000, and DeviceNet. The enclosure comes with a mounting clip for DIN-rail installation without tools.

The communication between the I/O modules and the device uses an optical connection without the need for cables. The Kvaser’s CANlib software or the Kvaser T programming language controls the I/O modules over Ethernet, allowing user-developed programs to be created and stored. The software operates locally on the device without requiring a PC connection. A gateway functionality can be programmed as well.

The capacity of host user-developed programs for applications such as node simulation, watchdog timer functions, or CAN-to-CAN-FD translation make vehicle test cells, dynamometers (and many more) suitable environments for the SE410S-X10.

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Teensy 4.1 Triple CAN Bus Board with 240x240 LCD and Ethernet

Teensy 4.1 Triple CAN Bus Board with 240x240 LCD and Ethernet

The Teensy 4.1 board comes with triple CAN connections, two CAN 2.0B and one CAN FD, and an Ethernet magjack. It can be powered by an external +12 VDC with reverse voltage protection. Included is also a 240x240 wide-angle IPS TFT LCD display.

The Teensy 4.1 is an Arduino-compatible board with an Arm Cortex-M7 microcontroller running at 600 MHz. The board is compatible with the Arduino IDE and the Arduino library. In most cases, code written for another Arduino board works with minimum changes on a Teensy. As the name implies, the board is tiny. For example, the current form factor is only about 18 by 36 millimeters. However, do not let the size mislead you; these boards pack a ton of functionality. 

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CAN Bus Hub With Three Female, One Male D-SUB9 Connector, And Adjustable Termination Resistor

The T-cannector v2 by Kvaser represents a CAN Bus hub with three female and one male D-SUB9 connectors. Used typically in application developments, the device offers an adjustable CAN termination resistor (120 Ohm, 60 Ohm, or unterminated). It renders an affordable and safe way of terminating a CAN Bus circuit, as well as applying power to devices that [...]

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CAN Bus Over Ethernet Interface For Internet-of-Things (IoT) Applications

The EtherCAN HS by Kvaser is a real-time Ethernet-to-CAN gateway interface that, when connected over the Internet to an Ethernet-equipped PC, enables remote CAN Bus data access from anywhere in the world. The built-in Power-over-Ethernet eradicates the requirement for a separate power cable when it is not possible to power the device from the CAN Bus network. Kvaser's EtherCAN [...]

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Configuration-Free Wireless CAN Bus Bridge Connects Two CAN Bus Networks With Different CAN Bus Bitrates

Kvaser, a specialist in CAN Bus (Controller Area Network) development, introduced their Air Bridge Light HS, a wireless CAN Bus bridge to connect CAN networks. Comprising a preconfigured pair of plug-and-play units, with integrated antennas and rugged housings, the Kvaser Air Bridge Light HS provides a method of raw CAN Bus data exchange. Kvaser Air Bridge Light HS, [...]

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CAN Bus, CAN FD, LIN, J1939, And CANopen Network Analysis Tool

Warwick Control Technologies, a UK company, has released version 3.11.0 of its X-Analyzer network analysis tool. The software provides standard CAN Bus, CAN FD, and LIN all-in-one tool, along with higher-layer protocols such as SAE J1939 and CANopen. When purchased in combination with the Kvaser Hybrid or Hybrid Pro interfaces, the product can be used with standard CAN [...]

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