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Programmable Converter With Dual CAN FD, LIN, RS-232 Ports And microSD Slot

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The CANFD LIN Gateway by MACH SYSTEMS is an easy-to-use, easy-to-program router, data logger, and simulator that features two CAN FD channels, a LIN channel, an RS-232 port, a microSD card slot, and multiple digital and analog inputs and outputs.

The firmware can be developed using C/C++ in a free-of-charge IDE, and the user can load the application into the device employing the USB, CAN Bus, or RS-232 connection.

Programming examples in C language are available, allowing the user to use the device's peripherals immediately.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Full control of the application
  • Low message latencies
  • Real-time operation

The converter utilizes the powerful STM32G4 MCU (Arm Cortex-M4) processor with 512 KB Flash, 128 KB SRAM, and a clock frequency of up to 170 MHz.

A slot for an external microSD card enables the user to load and save extensive amounts of data such as communication logs, whereas the internal EEPROM allows storing configuration parameters.

Thanks to a rich set of onboard peripherals, the converter is suitable for a broad range of use-cases such as protocol conversion, network bridging, data logging, rest-bus simulation, and external peripheral control and monitoring. 

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Copperhill Technologies - SAE J1939 Gateway And Data Logger With Real-Time Clock.jpg

SAE J1939 Gateway And Data Logger With Real-Time Clock

The SAE J1939 Gateway And Data Loggers are ideal for vehicle fleet management (trucks, buses, agricultural equipment, and any other diesel engine application), prototype field testing, diagnostics, or reverse engineering.

The SAE J1939 Gateway And Data Loggers record SAE J1939 message frames (PGNs) onto an onboard MicroSD memory card and timestamps them with a real-time clock (RTC). Alternatively, it can be used for mere SAE J1939 data monitoring and viewing.

In record mode, the gateway reads the data traffic without being connected to a PC. A free-of-charge Windows software is available for the device setup (PGN filtering, message-sampling frequency, etc.) as well as reviewing and re-playing the SAE J1939 data.

The data file format is Microsoft-Excel-compatible (.csv), and the data file can be retrieved directly from the SD card for further processing.

Furthermore, the data logger offers an optional feature to include GPS information attached to the data.

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