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Data Acquisition from Heavy Duty Vehicles Using SAE J1939 CAN Bus

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Data Acquisition from HD Vehicles Using J1939 CAN Bus

Modern vehicles have electronic control units (ECUs) to control various subsystems such as the engine, brakes, steering, air conditioning, and infotainment. These ECUs (or ‘controllers’) are networked to convey information and output measured and calculated data to each other.

This in-vehicle network is a data goldmine for improved maintenance, measuring vehicle performance and its subsystems, fleet management, warranty, and legal issues, reliability, durability, and accident reconstruction.

The focus of Data Acquisition from HD Vehicles Using J1939 CAN Bus is to direct the reader toward acquiring and correctly interpreting data from the in-vehicle network of heavy-duty (HD) vehicles. The reader will discover how to transform messages to scaled engineering parameters and determine the available parameters on HD vehicles, along with their accurateness and update rate.

Written by two specialists in this field, Richard (Rick) P. Walter and Eric P. Walter, principals at HEM Data, the book provides a distinctive road map for the data acquisition user. The authors offer a transparent and straightforward description of the CAN Bus protocol, plus a review of all 19 parts of the SAE International J1939 standard family. In addition, relevant standards come with tables, graphs, and examples.

Practical applications covered are calculating fuel economy, duty cycle analysis, and capturing intermittent faults. Various diagnostic techniques are compared, including OBD-II, HD-OBD, and World Wide Harmonized (WWH) OBD.

Data Acquisition from HD Vehicles Using J1939 CAN Bus is a must-have reference for those interested in acquiring data effectively from SAE J1939 equipped vehicles.

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SAE J1939 to USB Gateway in Plastic Enclosure

SAE J1939 to USB Gateway in Plastic Enclosure

The SAE J1939 to USB Gateway utilizes our SAE J1939 ECU Simulator Board With USB Port and embeds it in an enclosure. The SAE J1939 gateway allows you to monitor, simulate, and record any PGN as defined in the SAE J1939-71 Standard but also including diagnostic messages according to SAE J1939-73.

The gateway supports the full SAE J1939 protocol according to J1939/81 Network Management (Address Claiming) and J1939/21 Transport Protocol (TP). It is also supported by an extensive programming interface for Windows and Linux/Ubuntu applications, including full C/C++/C# source code for short time-to-market developments.

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