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Turn Your Smartphone into a Heavy-Duty Diagnostics Tool

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Diesel Laptops Heavy Duty Truck Scanner with DPF Regens Diesel Decoder Mobile Diagnostic Tool for Cummins, Volvo, Paccar, International and Repair Information for iOS & Android

Turn your smartphone into a user-friendly HD diagnostic tool. Download and sync via Bluetooth to the free Diesel Decoder smartphone app to view vital diagnostic and trip data.

When your rig throws a fault code, the Diesel Decoder is your reliable companion. It removes the guesswork, guiding you to either clear the codes and continue your journey or to seek a repair when necessary, ensuring your truck's health and peace of mind.

Truck maintenance and repair costs can be a significant burden for owner-operators and fleet managers. Diesel Decoder is here to help. With a single tap on the free app, you can connect to the comprehensive Diesel Repair Platform digital library, which provides cost-effective repair and maintenance options and helps you manage your costs more efficiently.

  • Read DTCs and Fault Codes
  • Perform DPF Regens
  • Access Instant Repair Help
  • Total Vehicle Data
  • Driver Productivity & Trip Reports
  • Vehicle Health Reports
  • VIN Information
  • Component Information

About the App:

  • Works with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
  • Connects with Diesel Decoder dongle via Bluetooth.
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface.
  • Simple software updates.
  • Updates allow expanded coverage and add functionality.

This tool provides real-time data for major heavy-duty truck makes in North America, including Freightliner, Peterbilt, Mack, Kenworth, Volvo, Western Star, International, and more. It is powerful, portable, and affordable.

Ensure your heavy-duty truck remains operational for longer periods by promptly and accurately identifying all legitimate diagnostic trouble codes and manufacturer-specific fault codes. The app is updated with new functionalities and improvements directly, removing the necessity for time-consuming updates and the expense of replacing costly diagnostic equipment.

The Diesel Decoder, created by Diesel Laptops, is a small device that can be paired with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. The device comes with a 9-pin dongle that can be connected to all medium and heavy-duty vehicles that have either the black or the newer green 9-pin diagnostic connector. In addition, the kit includes an OBDII adapter that can communicate with newer Volvos and Macks, as well as light-duty vehicles that are equipped with an OBDII port.

  • Powerful and Cost-Effective—The Diesel Decoder is an essential heavy-duty truck scanner designed for heavy-duty truck owner-operators and small commercial fleets. With the Diesel Decoder, you just plug the diesel scan tool into the diagnostic port and pair it with the free smartphone app to access in-depth HD diagnostic information.
  • Swift and Adaptable—This heavy-duty truck scanner recognizes both diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and brand-specific error codes for prevalent heavy-duty truck brands in North America, such as Freightliner, Peterbilt, Mack, Kenworth, Volvo, and Western Star, among others. It can also perform DPF regens on select model years of Cummins, International, Detroit, Isuzu, Paccar, Mercedes, Hino, and Mack/Volvo.
  • Instant Repair Help—The diesel scan tool seamlessly connects to Diesel Laptops' comprehensive Diesel Repair Platform library, so you can immediately start diagnosing and repairing any problems and get back on the road as soon as possible.
  • Continuous Enhancement - Benefit from direct feature additions and updates via the app; our heavy-duty truck scanner will continue to have functionality added over time. This removes the hassle of lengthy update processes and the financial strain of renewing costly diagnostic gear.

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SAE J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator

SAE J1939 Starter Kit and Network Simulator

Our JCOM.J1939 Starter Kit and Network Simulator is designed to allow the experienced engineer and the beginner to experiment with SAE J1939 data communication without the need to connect to a real-world J1939 network, i.e., a diesel engine. 

To establish a network, you need at least two nodes, which applies especially to CAN/J1939, where the CAN controller will shut down after transmitting data without receiving a response. Therefore, our jCOM.J1939 Starter Kit and Network Simulator consists of two J1939 nodes, namely our jCOM.J1939.USB, an SAE J1939 ECU Simulator Board with USB Port.

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Automotive Power Management IC with LIN and CAN-FD Interfaces

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A New Generation of SAE J1939 Gateway, ECU Simulator, and Starter Kit

Like many other businesses, we have to deal with the global shortage of electronic components. For instance, the NXP LPC 17xx processors we used for our SAE J1939 gateways and the starter kit are not available at this time. Even worse, there is no reliable information if/when production resumes. This situation forced us to rethink [...]

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SAE J1939 Starter Kit With Diesel Engine Simulation Plus VIN Request Demo

Our JCOM.J1939 Starter Kit And Network Simulator is designed to allow the experienced engineer as well as the beginner to experiment with SAE J1939 data communication without the need of connecting to a real-world SAE J1939 network, i.e. a diesel engine. It may sound obvious, but in order to establish a network, you need at least two [...]

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Automotive ECU Development With ARM Cortex Processor Supporting Up To Eight CAN FD Interfaces

The UDE (Universal Debugging Engine) by PLS (Germany) provides debugging and analysis functions for NXP’s S32S247 and i.MX RT MCUs with up to eight CAN FD (Flexible Data Rate) interfaces. The S32S247 multi-core controller combines four 800-MHz Cortex-R52 processors with 64-MiB integrated flash memory. Designed for safety-related real-time applications up to ASIL-D (automotive safety integrity level), the device is suitable [...]

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Analog Signal Output Controller With CAN Bus And SAE J1939 Port

Axiomatic has announced its AX130770, an ECU System converting CAN Bus data to two analog or digital isolated signals and one relay output for rugged engine applications.The relay output converter connects to a CAN Bus vehicle network (SAE J1939, high-speed SAE J1939m, or CANopen). It accommodates two analog/digital isolated signal outputs, which can be configured as 0 [...]

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ECU CAN Bus Simulator for OBD-II Development

The OBDLink ScanTool ECUsim 2000 ECU CAN Simulator for OBD-II Development is a small diagnostic tool that is ideal for DIY testing and development of OBD services and software. The CAN Bus (ISO 15765) model supports a range of parameter IDs, diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), freeze frames, and SAE J1979 modes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, and [...]

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SAE J1939 Programming with Arduino - Address Claim And Preferred Address

This post is part of a series about SAE J1939 ECU Programming & Vehicle Bus Simulation with Arduino. For the purpose of a quick address claiming process, each control application should maintain a preferred address. SAE J1939/81 recommends that the preferred address (i.e. the address the ECU/CA attempts to claim on power-up) should be re-programmable to permit the proper configuration of [...]

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Under Development: SAE J1708 to UART Breakout Board For Embedded Systems

SAE J1708 is a standard used for serial communications between ECUs on a heavy duty vehicle and also between a computer and the vehicle. With respect to Open System Interconnection model (OSI), J1708 defines the physical layer. Common higher layer protocols that operate on top of J1708 are SAE J1587 and SAE J1922. The protocol [...]

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