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Eight Channel RTD Data Acquisition HAT for Raspberry Pi

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Sequent Microsystems 8 Channel RTD Data Acquisition for Raspberry Pi

Sequent Microsystems introduced its Mega-RTD eight channel RTD data acquisition hat for the Raspberry Pi. The Mega-RTD HAT is a stackable expansion card for the Raspberry Pi. It offers a compact and inexpensive solution for reading and storing data from up to 64 RTD-100 thermocouples. The HAT represents an open-source design, including schematics. There are eight channels per HAT, with optional RTD100, -50-450℃ Sensors.

It is possible to stack up to eight MEGA-RTD cards on top of one Raspberry Pi, resulting in up to 64 channels. Each MEGA-RTD card comes with a 32-bit STM32F030 processor running at a clock speed of 48 MHz. The RTD inputs are processed using two ADS1258, 24-bit Delta-Sigma converters and can achieve up to 0.01 °C accuracy.


  • Two ADS1248 24 bit delta-sigma converters (four channels each)
  • Factory accuracy: 0.1%
  • Maximum accuracy (through calibration): 0.01%
  • Pluggable connectors
  • On-board hardware watchdog
  • On-board resettable fuse
  • Command line & Python drivers

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Building Smart Homes with Raspberry Pi Zero

Building Smart Homes with Raspberry Pi Zero

The release of the Raspberry Pi Zero has wholly surprised the tech community. With the price, form factor, and being high on utility, the Raspberry Pi Zero is the perfect companion to support home automation projects and makes IoT (Internet of Things) even more accessible.

With this book, you can create and program home automation projects using the Raspberry Pi Zero board. The book will teach you how to build a thermostat that will automatically regulate the temperature in your home. Another important topic in home automation is controlling electrical appliances, and you will learn how to control LED Lights, lamps, and other electrical applications.

Moving on, we will build a smart energy meter that can measure the power of the appliance, and you'll learn how to switch it on and off. You'll also see how to build a simple security system composed of alarms, a security camera, and motion detectors. In the end, you will integrate everything that you learned so far into a more complex project to automate the critical aspects of your home.

By the end, you will have deepened your knowledge of the Raspberry Pi Zero and will know how to build autonomous home automation projects.

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Thermocouple Measurement HAT Adds Industrial Temperature Measurement To The Raspberry Pi Platform

Measurement Computing Corporation has announced the release of their MCC 134 thermocouple measurement HAT for Raspberry Pi. The MCC 134 brings industrial temperature measurement capabilities to the vastly popular Raspberry Pi platform. The device comes with four thermocouples (TC) inputs capable of measuring popular TC types, such as J, K, R, S, T, N, E, and B. [...]

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Voltage Output and Digital IO DAQ HAT for Raspberry Pi

Measurement Computing Corporation announced the release of their MCC 152 voltage output and digital I/O HAT for the Raspberry Pi. Many DAQ users are creating systems around the Raspberry Pi platform, and the growing base of Raspberry Pi users is making single-board-computers more common in professional DAQ applications. The MCC 152 features two 0-5 V analog outputs [...]

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Raspberry Pi HAT Provides Eight Channels Of Analog Voltage Measurement For Data Acquisition And Data Logger Systems

Measurement Computing Corporation announced the release of their MCC 118 voltage measurement DAQ HAT for the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a single board computer in use today. This growing base of Raspberry Pi users, along with open-source software becoming more industry accepted, is driving growth and making single board computer use more prevalent in professional [...]

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