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Reference Board With Galvanically Isolated CAN Bus Transceiver Supports Bit Rates Up To 5 Mbit/s

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Recom R-REF03-CAN1 Reference board with galvanic-isolated CAN Bus transceiver

Recom introduced their R-REF03-CAN1 Reference Board to demonstrate the ISO1042 isolated CAN Bus transceiver in combination with the R1SX-3.305/H isolated DC/DC converter. The reference board requires only a single 3.3 VDC external power supply. A green LED indicates the presence of the VCC2 supply on the secondary (CAN Bus) side. The reference board enables designers to develop and analyze isolated systems instantly.

The reference board is pre-configured with a "split" termination network with a common-mode capacitance and additional capacitors on the CAN Bus for protection. It also includes an option to populate a 120-Ohm resistor R3 which can be used with the EVM as a terminated line end (the CAN Bus Standard - ISO11898 - calls for 120 Ohm impedance with twisted pair cable). Protection components like TVS diodes and common mode (CM) choke are also provided with bypass paths if necessary. The sum of all these options allows the end user the installation of the desired components.

The output of the R1SX-3.305/H is used to supply the secondary (CAN Bus) side of the digital isolator and the green LED which indicates the presence of the voltage on VCC2. VCC2 is loaded with a 120-Ohm resistor, too, to keep the VCC2 safely below 5.3 VDC. Since the reference board internally consumes about 80mA from the output of the R1SX-3.305/H, a user can use about 120mA to supply external components through an onboard connector.


  • Complete isolated solution for CAN Bus
  • Contains galvanically-isolated CAN Bus transceiver IS1042
  • Contains R1SX-3.305/H - 3.3 VDC to 5 VDC 1W DC-DC converter with 3kVDC isolation
  • Up to 5Mbit data rate in CAN FD mode
  • Input and output test points
  • Meets ISO11898-2 (2016) standard

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CAN Bus FD Breakout Board

Copperhill Technologies CAN-Bus CAN FD Breakout Board 5VDC

This is a CAN-Bus breakout board with Flexible Data Rate using the Microchip MCP2561FD chip. The output pins are on both screw terminals and a DB9 connector. The DB9 can be configured for use with an OBDII cable, SAE J1939 cable, or CAN Bus Analyzer pin-out via solder bridges.


  • Microchip MCP2561FD CAN FD transceiver
  • 5 VDC supply
  • Supports up to 6 Mb/s operation
  • Implements ISO-11898 and ISO-11898-5 standard physical layer requirements
  • Up to 112 nodes can be connected
  • DB9 and screw terminal connection
  • DB9 can be configure for OBDII cable or CAN Bus Analyzer pin-out
  • 120 Ohm terminating resistor via jumper

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