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Compact Data Logger For Fleet Management Supports Four CAN Bus Interfaces

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Ipetronik µCROS SL - Compact data logger for fleet management

Ipetronik (Germany) introduced their µCros SL, a data-logger developed for fleet testing purposes. The device is equipped with four Classical CAN measurement inputs and provides Wake-on-CAN function.

The IP40-rated data-logger comes in a gold-anodized plastic and aluminum enclosure, and it can be used to monitor specific networks and ECUs. Due to the compact design, the logger can be mounted into the vehicle without impeding the driver. It has a SSD storage capacity of up to 500 GiB and is equipped with an integrated dual WLAN module that automatically switches between 2,4-GHz and 5-GHz transfer frequency band (depending on access point requirement).

The 3.75 UMTS/HSPA modem ensures worldwide coverage and reaches maximum upload data rates so that the measurement data can be transferred to the Ipecloud for further analysis. In addition to the four CAN Bus inputs, two analog inputs for up to 40 V and three digital I/Os are available, obviating the need for additional analog modules in order to monitor further voltages (e.g. the state of charge of the battery) with the logger.

For the vehicle positioning, the device is equipped with a 5 Hz GPS sensor supporting the satellite systems Beidou, Glonass, and GPS. The integrated multifunction antenna is connected to the product with four SNA connectors and combines GPS, WiFi, and modem.


  • 4 CAN high speed interfaces
  • Quickstart, No Message Lost (NML), Wake on CAN (WoC)
  • Integrated 3G modem, WiFi and GPS receiver
  • 1 digital output, 2 digital inputs
  • 2 analog inputs 0 … 40 VDC @ 10 bit/200 Hz cut-off frequency
  • Plastic and aluminum housing, gold anodized
  • Configuration with IPEmotion software
  • Download/View the µCROS SL data sheet (PDF)...

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The WiFi CAN Bus Logger 3000 allows you to access log files remotely across two modes: Access Point mode and Station mode. Further, the CANLogger3000 has a built-in real-time clock with battery backup.

The CANLogger3000 offers simple and user friendly logging of data from a CAN-bus without the use of a computer.

Data are stored on a 16 GB SD-card in a simple format so that it can be directly loaded into an analysis tool for post processing.

The logged data can be transferred rapidly via WiFi at up to 70 Mbps (9 MB/s)  or via USB.

With Station mode, the CANLogger3000 is able to connect to a WiFi hotspot - e.g. a router, smartphone hotspot or mobile truck hotspot. This makes it ideal for logging CAN bus, J1939 or OBD2 data at scale in e.g. vehicle fleet applications.

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