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Classical CAN, CAN FD To Ethernet Gateway And Bridge For IoT Connectivity

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IXXAT CAN/CAN FD Ethernet Gateways and Bridges/Router

HMS Networks has extended the functionality of its Ixxat CAN@net NT and CANbridge NT series. Users can now add event-controlled network actions and bi-directional MQTT-messaging to cloud applications.

Both product families enable CAN-based networking on-site and remotely. The CANbridge NT allows the coupling of up to four Classical CAN and CAN FD networks using filter and translation rules. Network wiring is easily accomplished using tree and star topologies, and all connected segments are protected due to electrically isolated network interfaces. All CAN@net NT products come with an additional Ethernet interface, allowing distributed networks by coupling up to four devices communicating per Ethernet. These products also enable remote access to Classical CAN and CAN FD networks via Ethernet and PC.

The Service Pack 2 (SP2) introduces enhanced "action rules" programming for the definition and execution of events and actions for all CAN@net NT and CANbridge products. These user-defined actions can trigger predefined message content or status information based on LUA script processing.

The Ethernet interface of the CAN@net NT series enables direct cloud connectivity via the implemented MQTT protocol. SP2 also introduces bi-directional MQTT messaging. In addition to transmitting alarms and status information to mobile devices, messages can now come from the cloud for LUA script-based pre-processing, plausibility checking, and transmission to the CAN Bus network.

Furthermore, HMS introduced another hardware, the CAN@net NT 100, which offers a D-Sub 9 network connector for Classical CAN/CAN FD network connectivity, complementing the existing 200 and 420 products that both feature screw terminals. The device is a direct successor of the older CAN@net II, meaning that end-users can exchange installed CAN@net II units in existing systems with the 100 NT and benefit from the functionality provided in SP2.

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