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BeagleBone Wireless Internet-Of-Things (IoT) Developer Prototyping Kit for Google Cloud Platform

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Seeed Studio BeagleBone Green Wireless IOT Developer Prototyping Kit for Google Cloud Platform

Since the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT), many developers feel the urge to build a thing or two to introduce the IoT capabilities into their business or operating environment. Unfortunately, the lack of available hardware elements and reliable development platforms has long been an issue.

Seeed Studio has worked with Google and to provide a fitting solution, which resulted in the introduction of an IoT developer prototyping kit for the Google Cloud Platform. The BeagleBone Wireless Internet-Of-Things (IoT) Developer Prototyping Kit for Google Cloud Platform collects various types of sensors and actuators that are used in numerous internet-equipped devices. All the sensor and actuator modules feature plug-and-play capabilities and are fully compatible with the new BeagleBone Green Wireless Board, which is the fundamental element in this kit.

The kit includes:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) added on the original BeagleBone Green
  • A fully Open Hardware design
  • Two integrated Grove connectors for quick prototyping without soldering or breadboarding
  • Onboard SD card slot for storage extensions
  • Built-in PRU real-time co-processor that is well suited for specific industrial protocols
  • Up to 65 digital I/Os and analog-to-digital converters that are key for IoT prototyping situations

The kit also comes with a Grove base cape that can be attached directly onto the BeagleBone Board Green Wireless to provide plug-and-play experiences with the Grove modules.

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IoT Hackers Handbook: An Ultimate Guide to Hacking the Internet of Things and Learning IoT Security

IoT Hackers Handbook: An Ultimate Guide to Hacking the Internet of Things and Learning IoT Security

2017 has seen IoT devices being hacked like never before. We have seen attacks such as the Mirai Botnet, vulnerabilities in popular cars, hacking of IoT rifles, attackers taking advantage of smart toys and the list goes on. 

Everything is getting connected like never-before, yet, security is one of the last thoughts during the product launch stage for most of the manufacturers. 

This book can be treated as a technical journey into mistakes which manufacturers make while building IoT devices, or the so-called “smart things”. 

IoT Hackers Handbook is written in a beginner-friendly way covering everything from the extreme basics and then using exercises and labs to have the readers learn-by-doing. 

Some of the contents that are covered in the book include: 

  • Embedded Device Exploitation Firmware Exploitation and Emulation 
  • Hardware communication protocols – UART, SPI etc. 
  • JTAG debugging and exploitation 
  • Software Defined Radio, ZigBee and BLE Exploitation 

After reading the book, you will be able to understand the various security vulnerabilities crippling the Internet of Things devices, and how you can play a major role in identifying these security issues, thus making the IoT ecosystem safer.

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Smarc 2.0 Computer-on-Module With NXP ARM Cortex-A72 Processor Supports Two CAN Bus Ports

Congatec (Germany) introduced their conga-SMX8, the company’s first Smarc 2.0 Computer-on-Module. It was designed for Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications as well as for embedded control systems.These Smarc 2.0 modules with NXP i.MX8 processors, hardware-based virtualization, and resource partitioning are also applicable for stationary and mobile industrial applications including real-time robotics and motion controls. Since the modules support an [...]

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In-Vehicle System With SAE J1939 Port For Fleet Management Systems And Internet-of-Things Applications

The fanless PL-81880 in-vehicle computer by Win Enterprises (USA) was designed for fleet management system (FMS) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications.From an IoT (Internet of Things) viewpoint, a vehicle is similar to an industrial manufacturing facility. It has sensors and actuators much like you would find on a manufacturing line and, likewise, a huge amount of data is [...]

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Arduino Projects for the Internet of Things - Experiments with Real-World Applications

Gain a strong foundation of Arduino-based device development, from which you can go in any direction according to your specific development needs and desires. You will build Arduino-powered devices for everyday use, and then connect those devices to the Internet. You will be introduced to the building blocks of the Internet of Things (IoT), and then deploy those [...]

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Automotive Multi-service IoT Edge Gateway With Two CAN Bus Ports And LTE Connectivity

Eurotech announced the release of their DynaGATE 10-06, a Multi-service IoT Edge Gateway that has been designed to deliver LTE connectivity with 2/3G fallback for automotive and lightly rugged applications. Based on the NXP i.MX 6UltraLite Cortex-A7 processor family with 512MB of RAM, 4GB of eMMC and a user-accessible microSD slot, the DynaGATE 10-06 is a low power [...]

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COM Express Type 6 Module Is Designed For Modern IoT Applications

AAEON, a manufacturer of embedded controllers, has released their COM-APLC6, a COM Express Type 6 module. Powered by an Intel Atom E3900 Series processor, the COM-APLC6 is designed for modern Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. The module features two SODIMM sockets that support DDR3L-ECC memory. The CPU’s graphics capabilities are intended for this controller to be used in medical imaging [...]

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Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit With BLE And Zigbee Connectivity

The Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit by NXP Semiconductors was designed to take developers from an Internet of Things (IoT) idea to Proof of Concept (PoC) in a matter of minutes.  The Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit operates with the powerful Kinetis K64F Core 32-bit Microcontroller for application processing and features a Kinetis KW41Z Wireless Controller for Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), Thread, [...]

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Compact Industrial PC With CAN Bus Interface Designed For IoT Applications

The Automation PC 2200 is the latest generation of B&R's 2000 series of industrial PCs. Equipped with Intel Atom processors from the Apollo Lake generation, the PC is available in either box PC or panel PC format.Despite its small dimensions, the product is a full PC system. A field-bus connection like CAN Bus can be configured individually. Compact [...]

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CAN-over-IP Gateway With JSON Interface For Integration Into IoT Environments

The PCAN-Gateway product family by Peak-System enables the connection of CAN Bus networks via Ethernet  IP connection. The CAN Bus messages are packed as data in TCP or UDP messages and transmitted via IP network, allowing CAN Bus systems to be integrated into IoT environments plus having an alternative access point for remote diagnostics.  The configuration of the PCAN-Gateways [...]

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Linux-Ready ARM Embedded Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) System With Two CAN Bus Ports

Artila Electronics (Taiwan), a developer and manufacturer of Linux-ready ARM embedded industrial computers, announced the release of their Matrix-713 industrial IoT computer, which is equipped with two CAN ports.Internet of Things (IoT) offers new possibilities and new services to end users, since they could learn more about other entities present in the surrounding environment. Therefore, the [...]

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