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Low-Cost, High-Performance Vehicle Network Interface Family With 4 CAN Bus and CAN FD Ports

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Intrepid Control Systems - ValueCAN-4 with Vehicle Spy Software

Intrepid Control Systems, Inc. has announced their ValueCAN4 family, which also provides optional Ethernet (DoIP) and LIN connectivity. The device supports up to 1 Mbit/s for CAN bus connectivity and up to 10 Mbit/s for CAN FD communication. The ISO 11898-2 standard specifies currently transceiver chip parameters for 5 Mbit/s. The dongle family complies with USB 2.0 and supports bit-rates of up to 480 Mbit/s. It features Type A or Type C connectors.

Software support for CANopen, CCP/XCP, Devicenet, J1939, Keyword 2000, OBDII, and other higher-layer protocols is available. Linux is supported. The products come with the company’s NeoIV DLL low-level software driver. As an option, they also support Ethernet and LIN ports.

The CAN messages can be time-stamped (64 bit) providing an accuracy of 25 ns. The dongles can also be used stand-alone to download software and to emulate an ECU. The device supports the new ISO 15765-2 transport protocol allowing the use of CAN FD frames, in order to flash an ECU. To program the dongles, Function Block scripts and C code can be generated by means of the Vehicle Spy tool from Intrepid. Vehicle Spy Trial Edition software is included, which can be upgraded to the full Vehicle Spy software package.


  • High-bandwidth 1 Mb/s baud rate for CAN and up to 10 Mb/s for CAN FD on each channel
  • Double-buffered CAN transmission
  • Fully USB-powered
  • Fully isolated from the PC to resolve grounding or noise issues
  • Rugged metal case with rubber boot on all models
  • Electrically hardened to survive abusive environments, including reverse battery voltage and electrical transients
  • Real-time acceleration and standalone mode enabling high-speed flashing, gatewaying and ECU simulation
  • Load real-time Function Block scripts and C code created with Vehicle Spy to execute with microsecond resolution
  • Supports J1939, OBD2 on CAN, Keyword Protocol over CAN, UDS diagnostics, CCP/XCP, DeviceNET, and CANOpen
  • ISO15765 for CAN FD implemented in hardware for super-fast ECU flashing
  • Vehicle Spy Trial Edition software included, which can be upgraded to the full Vehicle Spy software package
  • Supports neoVI DLL open API, J2534, Linux, and RP1210
  • 64-bit time stamping to an accuracy of 25 nanoseconds

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