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PC/104 Compliant Isolated Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) Peripheral Module

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The PCM-CAN-2-ISO board by WINSYSTEMS is a PC/104-compliant, isolated Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) peripheral module.

The board utilizes two NXP SJA-1000 CAN controllers with high-level features for use in automotive and industrial applications.

The PCM-CAN card uses high-speed data isolation, transformer isolated power supplies, and custom logic to implement independent and user accessible isolated Control Area Network (CAN Bus) interfaces. Each CAN Bus controller occupies either 32 or 128 adjacent I/O registers depending on CAN 2.0A (11-bit message identifier) or CAN 2.0B (29-bit message identifier) mode selection.

Multiple (2) CAN Bus controllers share a single user-configurable interrupt. There is no requirement for dividing the two controllers' interrupts on the PCM-CAN board, which is essential when writing a driver or ISR. It is crucial for the program to read both CAN Bus controllers to decide which controller was the source of the interrupt.

Each channel has an independent, on-board, isolated +5V DC power supply. Jumpers route power to or from the CAN Bus interface connectors. Each channel can provide up to 150 mA of +5 VDC power to the CAN Bus interface, and the transceivers receive power either through the internal or an external source.


  • Two NXP SJA-1000 CAN Bus controllers
  • Compliant with CAN Bus specifications 2.0A (11-bit ID) and 2.0B (29-bit ID)
  • Transfer rates up to 1 Mbps
  • Channel-to-channel and channel-to-system isolation
    • Isolation on the CAN Bus data connection up to 1000V
    • On-board isolated 1W power supply for interface
  • Jumper selectable termination resistors
  • Jumper selectable IRQ and I/O base address
  • Software drivers available for Linux and Windows
  • Industrial -40° to +85°C operational temperature

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