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SAE J1939 Joystick With Multi-Axis Hand Grip Controller For Off-Road Vehicles And Machinery

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APEM XD Series joystick With SAE J1939 Interface

The XD series of joysticks by Apem is a multi-axis hand grip controller engineered for demanding vehicle applications in harsh environments, and it supports the SAE J1939 higher-layer CAN Bus protocol.

The joystick feature non-contacting Hall effect technologies fit for off‑highway vehicles and machinery. It measures 60 mm below the panel, yet resists horizontal loads of up to 400 pounds by utilizing an all-metal construction. The product features a uni‑body construction with modular supplements for design flexibility. These inserts include an index trigger switch, operator presence paddle, and a customizable faceplate.

The XD series provides an SAE J1939 interface that processes all axis and button data through a CAN-Bus‑compliant physical network. The joystick is SIL 2 compatible with redundant hall sensors to support individual vehicle manufacturers complying with the latest machinery directive, IEC 62061, and ISO 13849 functional safety standards.

Main Features

  • SIL 2 compatible - Redundant Hall sensors
  • Resists high axial load (1780 N - 400 lbf)
  • Shallow mounting depth of <60 mm (2.36")
  • Rated for 10 million lifecycles
  • SAE J1939-71 (CAN Bus 2.0B) compliant

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Embedded Programming and Vehicle Bus Simulation With Arduino

This book, written by an expert in the field of Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) technologies, represents the perfect guide to implementing an SAE J1939 protocol stack for embedded systems.

The book comes with numerous C/C++ code examples and valuable documentation of the resulting SAE J1939 vehicle network data traffic. It describes in great detail the internal operations of the protocol through designing and transmitting J1939 data frames, receiving and processing J1939 data frames, and simulating J1939 ECUs (Electronic Control Units). Other Arduino sketches include an SAE J1939 network scanner and a simple SAE J1939 to USB Gateway application with associated Windows GUI (Visual Studio C# project).

The collection of sketches concludes with the ARD1939 project, a fully functional SAE J1939 protocol stack for the Arduino Uno and Mega 2560. As an added value, the included proof of concept explains (utilizing code examples and bus traffic recordings) the details of the Transport Protocol (TP) according to SAE J1939/21 (BAM Session, RTS/CTS Session) and the Address Claim Procedure according to SAE J1939/81.

In combination with the low-cost and high-level user-friendliness approach of the Arduino environment, this book embodies the fitting platform to learning and implementing embedded applications with the SAE J1939 protocol stack.

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