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Radar Sensor with SAE J1939 Interface for Object Detection and Collision Avoidance

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Sick Radar Sensor RMS1000 for Object Detection and Collision Avoidance

Sick, a provider of factory automation, logistics, and process automation, introduced their RMS1000 radar sensor suitable for object detection and collision avoidance solutions. It features an SAE J1939 interface, and it is compliant with IP67 and IP69.

May it be darkness, bright light, heavy rain, snowfall, dense fog, or dusty environments, the sensor detects objects reliably. Due to the IP67 and IP69 enclosure rating, it also remains permanently sealed, even during high-pressure cleaning. Furthermore, the aluminum housing protects against physical damage. As there are no inner moving parts, impacts or shocks cannot harm the sensor technology either. These characteristics result in availability and durability when used as collision protection on cranes, mobile work platforms, aircraft belt loaders, and forklift trucks. They also support person and object detection in open spaces, in halls, on truck ramps, or in locks.

The sensor uses FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave) radar technology in the 61-GHz frequency band. It is designed for challenging industrial tasks requiring a high degree of sensor adaptability. The sensor monitors up to four adjustable zones and measures objects' radial distance and speed at working distances of 0.4 m (16 inches) to 100 m (300 ft). The sensor also supports integration into control systems by offering the necessary options with SAE J1939, common in automotive networking. Nickel-plated plug connectors and industrial M12 connection technology guarantee corrosion-proof, vibration-resistant, and reliable cabling.

The acceptable ambient operating temperature is -40 °C to +65 °C. In the event of rapid temperature changes (e.g., when moving from a freezer area to a heated hall area), a pressure compensation diaphragm compensates for temperature-related pressure changes in the sensor.


  • Reliable detection in the most difficult visibility and ambient conditions, such as heavy snow, rain, dense fog or dust
  • Durable and very resistant to shock and vibration
  • Highest flexibility and simple parameterization
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Simultaneous determination of radial distance and speed of objects
  • Quick and stable signal transmission
  • Raw data output for further data processing or data use

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