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NXP Semiconductors Evaluation Board Offers Fast Track To Industrial and Automotive Design

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NXP Semiconductors S32K144EVB Evaluation Board

NXP Semiconductors' S32K144EVB Evaluation Board provides a powerful and flexible development system for the NXP S32K144 Microcontroller (MCU). The S32K144EVB features test headers, CAN Bus and LIN communication Bus, user buttons, a potentiometer, touch electrodes, and a pre-mounted S32K144 MCU.

Featuring a small form factor and Arduino UNO footprint-compatible with expansion shield support, the S32K144EVB is low-cost evaluation platform and development system for quick application prototyping and demonstration for the S32K144 32-bit ARM Cortex-M based MCUs. It also provides on-board connectivity for CAN Bus, LIN, UART/SCI, security and easy access to the MCU I/O header pins for prototyping.

The S32K144EVB comes with the MSD Flash Programmer OpenSDA Application preinstalled. OpenSDA is an open-standard serial and debug adapter. This GUI debug utility provides an easy and convenient way to program applications into the S32K144 MCU.

Designers can also choose to use S32 Design Studio IDE with the S32K144EVB. S32 Design Studio IDE is a complimentary integrated development environment for Automotive and Ultra-Reliable MCUs that enables editing, compiling, and debugging of designs.


  • Supports S32K144 100LQFP
  • Small form factor size supports up to 150mm x 100mm
  • Arduino™ UNO footprint-compatible with expansion shield support
  • Integrated open-standard serial and debug adapter (OpenSDA) with support for several industry-standard debug interfaces
  • Easy access to the MCU I/O header pins for prototyping
  • On-chip connectivity for CAN, LIN, and UART/SCI.
  • Integrated SBC (UJA1169) and LIN phy (TJA1027)
  • Potentiometer for precise voltage and analog measurement
  • Two push-button switches (SW2 and SW3) and two touch electrodes
  • Flexible power supply options
    • MicroUSB
    • External 12V power supply


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