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Guide To Internet Connectivity With Arduino, Common IoT Protocols, Custom Web Visualization, And Android Apps

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Building Arduino Projects for the Internet of Things: Experiments with Real-World Applications

Building Arduino Projects for the Internet of Things helps you reach a firm foundation of Arduino-based device development, from which you can go in any direction according to your particular development requirements. Build Arduino-powered devices for daily use, and connect those devices to the Internet.

The book introduces the building blocks of the Internet of Things (IoT), and then you can deploy those principles by building a variety of valuable projects. Projects in the books continuously introduce the reader to critical topics such as internet connectivity with Arduino, standard IoT protocols, custom web visualization, and Android apps that collect sensor data on-demand and in real-time. IoT device lovers of all ages can use this book for their needs when developing Android-based devices.

If you are one of the many who have chosen to build an own Arduino-powered device for IoT applications, then Building Arduino Projects for the Internet of Things is what you need. This book a single resource, a guidebook for the eager-to-learn Arduino enthusiast that explains logically, methodically, and effectively how the Arduino operates and what you can build with it.

Written by a software developer and solution architect who was suspicious of hunting and collecting numerous lessons for Arduino development, he taught himself all about the topic. For Arduino lovers, this book not only opens up the world of IoT applications but it also demonstrates many techniques that likely would not be obvious if not for experience with such a diverse group of applications.

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GSM/GPRS/GPS SIM808 Shield For Arduino

GSM/GPRS/GPS SIM808 Shield For Arduino

The GSM/GPRS/GPS board is an Arduino shield based on the Quad-band GSM/GPRS/GPS module SIM808, providing cellular and GPS tracking, all in one module. It lets you add location-tracking, voice, text, SMS and data to your project. This shield fits right over your Arduino or compatible. At the heart is a powerful GSM cellular module (we use the latest SIM808) with integrated GPS. This module can do just about everything.

The SIM808 module is a GSM and GPS two-in-one function module. It is based on the newest GSM/GPS module SIM808 from SIMCOM, and it supports GSM/GPRS Quad-Band network and combines GPS technology for satellite navigation.

It features ultra-low power consumption in sleep mode and is integrated with charging circuit for Li-Ion batteries, that make it get a long standby time and useful for projects that use a rechargeable Li-Ion battery. It has high GPS receive sensitivity with 22 tracking and 66 acquisition receiver channels. Besides, it also supports A-GPS that available for indoor localization.

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