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Embedded Application ECU For Telematic And Diagnostic Tasks With Up to Four CAN Bus Ports

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Sontheim COMhawk xt - Embedded Application ECU for telematic and diagnostic tasks

Sontheim Industrie Elektronik (SiE) introduced its Comhawk xt telemetry module series for networking and data processing, which meets the latest technological standards.

The connectivity and data management module is a member of the company’s Comhawk product family. Equipped with a Cortex A9 single/dual core processor and a storage capacity of up to 1 GiB RAM 64 GiB Flash, data pre-processing is directly completed on the module and thus readily available before the transmission and additional processing by cloud services. The module can either be integrated into an existing cloud and infrastructure via interfaces or access the Sontheim Cloud Portal. Via a secured communication path and a clear ID assignment, the data can be visualized and displayed in different dashboards.

The operating system based on Linux facilitates the implementation of multiple applications. The variety of different interfaces makes them universally applicable and adaptable to almost any application. In addition to two CAN Bus interfaces (optionally up to four CAN Bus interfaces), which can be connected to any vehicle, a Wi-Fi interface, Ethernet connection, and a digital input available on the hardware.

The module also supports various IoT technologies for M2M communication via Wi-Fi and communication between the machine and existing infrastructure. 4G communication is provided on the module and is already 5G ready. A mobile data connection of the machine is therefore guaranteed globally, even in regions where no 2G / 3G infrastructure is available. The module executes an embedded diagnosis directly in the vehicle and trades OTX and ODX processes on-board.

Due to an integrated GPS receiver, there is also the possibility of location determination. The receiver supports the GPS, Glonass, Beidou, and QZSS satellite system. The integrated 3-axis motion sensor and a buffered real-time clock are also available and can wake up the hardware at any time from a sleep mode, for example, to protect against unauthorized access to the vehicle.

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Azure IoT Development Cookbook: Develop and manage robust IoT solutions

Azure IoT Development Cookbook: Develop and manage robust IoT solutions

Microsoft’s end-to-end IoT platform is a comprehensive IoT offering, allowing enterprises to build and realize value from IoT solutions efficiently. It is essential to develop robust and reliable solutions for your organization to leverage IoT services.

This book centers on how to start building custom solutions using the IoT hub or the pre-configured solution of Azure IoT suite. As a developer, you will learn how to connect multiple devices to the Azure IoT hub, develop, manage the IoT hub service and integrate the hub with the cloud. We cover REST APIs along with HTTP, MQTT and AMQP protocols. It also helps you learning Pre-Configured IoT Suite solutions.

Moving ahead, we cover topics like process device-to-cloud messages and cloud-to-device messages using .Net-Direct methods and device management-Query Language, Azure IoT SDK for .Net, creating and managing, Securing IoT hub, IoT Suite and many more. 

We will use Windows 10 IoT core, Visual Studio, universal Windows platform. In the end, we take you through IoT analytics and present a demo of connecting a real device with Azure IoT.

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