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Elevate Your CAN Bus Troubleshooting Skills with an Online Training

Posted by Wilfried Voss on

It is in the nature of our business that we at Copperhill Technologies frequently receive requests for support. The most common problem is that beginners of the technologies run into problems getting their CAN Bus network going. There are a few steps that can be done to solve nearly 99% of the problems, and they are related to the CAN Bus wiring, the lack of terminations resistors, and verifying the CAN Bus baud rates. We have written a number of posts on the subject, but they are mostly specifically about our products:

We have been thinking about offering online training but that appears to be too much out of our comfort zone. However, there are other services, such as the CANbus Academy, who offer courses, including one on CAN Bus troubleshooting.

The CAN bus Troubleshooting Training is an online course intended to provide technical professionals working with Controller Area Network (CAN) based systems the skills they need to diagnose and repair CAN-related issues and restore the system to its original operation.

This course delivers a high-level overview of the CAN Bus technology and dives deep into troubleshooting procedures and techniques to diagnose the network.

After completing this training, individuals will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of CAN Bus and focus on the physical layer.
  • Use a Digital Multimeter to diagnose and repair issues with CAN wiring.
  • Help technicians decide whether a new Electronic Control Unit (ECU) or other electronic components are needed.
  • Create and execute a plan of action to troubleshoot complex CAN Bus systems.

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The CAN bus is primarily used in embedded systems, and as its name implies, is a network technology that provides fast communication among microcontrollers up to real-time requirements, eliminating the need for the much more expensive and complex technology of a Dual-Ported RAM. 

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