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CAN Bus And CAN FD Bit Rate Calculation App for iOS, Android, and Windows

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Peak Systems CAN Bus CAN FD Bit Rate Calculation Tool for iOS, Android, and Windows

Peak System, a manufacturer of Classical CAN Bus and CAN FD devices, has released its Bit Rate Calculation Tool for iOS, Android, and Windows.

The free-of-charge application determines the register values of a Classical CAN Bus, CAN FD, or SJA1000 CAN Bus controller for user-defined CAN Bus and CAN FD bit rates. Furthermore, the results can be modified using various parameters such as clock frequencies and sample point. The app allows entering a tolerance of up to 5 % to compensate for slight variations. Furthermore, the bit timing values included in the results (BRP, TSEG1, TSEG2, and SJW) can be stored and loaded across platforms.

Also, Android and iOS users may send results via e-mail. Windows users can transfer bit timing values into the PCAN-Basic API and its applications.

The app is a valuable tool, especially for engineers for planning and optimizing Classical CAN Bus and CAN FD networks. The Bit Rate Calculation Tool can be downloaded free-of-charge from the Google Play Store, the Apple Store, while the Windows version is available at the Peak System product page.

  • Calculation of register values for user-defined transmit rates for:
    • SJA1000 based CAN controllers (8 MHz)
    • CAN controller with different clock frequencies
    • CAN FD controller with different clock frequencies
  • Optional tolerance specification of up to 5 % for the result calculation
  • Limitation of the results by additional parameters:
    • Clock frequency (80, 60, 40, 30, 24 and 20 MHz)
    • Sample Point separate for CAN and CAN FD (range in %)
    • Bit Duration separate for CAN and CAN FD (range in Tqs)
  • List of all results with bit timing values and additional information:
    • Bit Rate Prescaler (BRP)
    • Time segments 1 and 2 for nominal and data phases (TSEG1/2)
    • Synchronization Jump Width (SJW)
    • Quantum Duration
    • Bit Duration
    • Clocks per Bit
  • Saving results and parameters in JSON format
  • Forwarding of results by e-mail (only for iOS and Android versions)
  • Cross-platform loading of stored results

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Isolated CAN FD Breakout Board

Isolated CAN FD Breakout BoardThis breakout board provides isolated CAN Bus with Flexible Data Rate using the Analog Devices ADM3055E IC with a data rate of up to 12 Mbps. The output pins are on both screw terminals and a DB9 connector. The DB9 connector an be configured for use with an OBDII cable, SAE J1939 cable, or CAN Analyser pin-out via solder bridges.


  • 5 VDC supply requirement
  • Vio 1.7 VDC to 5.5 VDC logic levels
  • ISO 11898-2:2016 compliant (CAN FD)
  • Data rates up to 12 Mbps for CAN FD
  • Low maximum loop propagation delay: 150 ns
  • Extended common-mode range: ±25 V
  • Bus fault protection: ±40 V on CANH and CANL pins
  • Low power standby support remote wake request
  • 5 kV rms/3 kV rms signal and power isolated CAN transceivers
  • isoPower integrated isolated DC-DC converter

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