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Arduino Shield With Bluetooth (BLE) Module Connects To iOS And Android

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Integreight 1Sheeld+ - The Arduino shield for iOS and Android

The 1Sheeld+ is an effortlessly configured shield for the Arduino system platform. It has a built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module that gives to your Arduino the capacity to connect itself to your iOS or Android phones.

Thanks to the 1Sheeld app available on the App Store and Google Play Store you can easily associate your smartphone to the shield and turn your smartphone into a generic Arduino shield itself. Once connected, you can control your Arduino through the smartphone by sending data and controlling pins, but you can also do the opposite.

The 1Sheeld library provides your Arduino the complete control of the smartphone. Consequently, the Arduino can send e-mails, control the Camera, use Voice Recognition, send Facebook and Twitter notification and everything a powerful smartphone can do.

What can you do with 1Sheeld? The sky is the limit! You have a powerful smartphone that can be used to steer your remote-controlled toy car, tweet when plants are thirsty or have fun playing with your friends.


  • Works with iPhone 4S and later generations (iOS 9 and above) and Android 4.3 and above devices
  • Compatible with most of the Arduino boards you love including Uno, Mega and Due
  • Supports sensor shields, input/output shields, communication shields and social media shields
  • Uses a standard Bluetooth module to HM-10 (BLE 4.0)

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