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Arduino Compatible LIN Bus And CAN Bus Development Kit

Posted by Wilfried Voss on

Arduino Compatible LIN Bus And CAN Bus Development Kit

LIN (Local Interconnect Network) is a serial network protocol used for communication between components in vehicles. 

The demand for a second serial network emerged as the technologies and the facilities implemented in modern cars grew, while the CAN Bus was too expensive to implement for every component in the car.

The Arduino Compatible LIN Bus And CAN Bus Development Kit as introduced in this post is not a single product but a combination of two components: 

  1. Our CAN Bus And LIN Bus Breakout Board equipped with the Arduino-compatible Teensy CPU module
  2. Our LIN Bus Slave RGB LED Breakout Board

The setup of both components is demonstrated in the image to the left. 

The LIN Bus and CAN Bus breakout board comes with the Teensy 3.2 (included in the scope of delivery). It includes with an onboard 5 VDC regulator with reverse voltage protection, a CAN Bus transceiver and a prototyping area. The LIN Bus connection is provided by the Microchip MCP2004A chip.

The Teensy is a complete USB-based microcontroller development system, compatible with Arduino software and libraries. It comes in a minimal footprint, capable of implementing a great variety of projects. All programming is accomplished via the onboard USB port.

This LIN Bus Slave is represented by the RGB LED breakout board that is based the On Semi NCV7430 IC chip. The breakout board is controlled via a LIN-Bus connection, and it is ideal for use as a LIN Bus slave to test your LIN master software.

The primary application that comes to mind would be a LIN to CAN Bus Gateway, and the programming (sketches) is demonstrated in another post, LIN To CAN Bus Gateway - Implementing CAN Bus And Lin Bus Master With Arduino-Compatible Teensy Board. Another application could be a LIN Bus data monitoring program for Windows, i.e. connecting the Teensy's USB port to a Windows PC and display all received data on the screen (This application is in preparation, and we will publish it soon).

While the Teensy is compatible with the Arduino system, meaning you can use the Arduino IDE for programming, there may be users who feel more comfortable with the original systems such as the Arduino Uno, Mega 2560, Arduino Due, etc. First of all, all sample programs (sketches) we offer for LIN Bus programming are compatible with these boards. However, you will need to use our LIN Bus Breakout Board to control the LIN Bus Slave board.

All of the above referenced product pages and application posts include a plethora of programming samples, not only for the Arduino but also for other embedded systems.

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