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STM32G4-Based CANopen FD Starter Kit Supports Both Classical CAN And CAN FD

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Emotas - CANopen FD starter kit hardware

The Emotas CANopen FD starter kit provides a CAN FD micro-controller board, an extension board with CAN FD transceiver, and a CAN FD USB interface for the rapid prototyping of CANopen FD applications.

CANopen FD, as specified in the CAN in Automation (CiA) specification 1301, uses the new features of CAN FD such as a higher data bit-rate and extended frames up to 64 bytes. Most principles of classic CANopen are preserved, while others are extended or modified.

Unfortunately, the number of CANopen FD devices available in the market is currently limited. The shortage of CANopen FD support may be a problem for developers who would like to evaluate the improved protocol's innovative features. Emotas offers a CANopen FD starter kit to provide a cost-effective solution and get started with CANopen FD.

The CANopen FD starter kit is based on an STM32 Nucleo-64 board with a powerful STM32G4 microcontroller. It uses an internal CAN FD controller that supports both Classical CAN and CAN FD. To connect the CAN controller to a CAN FD network, a CAN FD transceiver is required.

Emotas has developed a specific expansion board with a CAN FD transceiver and DSUB-9 connector to conveniently connect the CAN FD network. The CAN FD transceiver TJA1051 supports up 5 Mbit/s during the data phase. In addition to CAN Y-cables to connect additional devices and two termination resistors, the starter kit comes with an IXXAT USB-to-CAN FD interface that supports the higher bit-rates. In addition to the hardware components, the CANopen FD starter kit includes software, a CANopen FD slave stack to run on the STM32G4, and a CANopen FD tool with CANopen FD master and CAN FD analyzer capabilities.

The CANopen FD slave evaluation library supports the following CANopen FD features:

  • NMT Slave
  • USDO server (expedited unicast and broadcast, segmented unicast)
  • PDO Producer and PDO consumer
  • SYNC Consumer
  • Heartbeat Producer
  • Heartbeat Consumer
  • Emergency Producer

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CANgineBerry - CANopen Module for Raspberry Pi And Other Embedded Systems

CANgineBerry - CANopen Module for Raspberry Pi And Other Embedded Systems

The CANgineBerry for CANopen is an active CAN Bus co-processor module that uses a regular UART communication channel towards the host system. With its independent 32-bit microcontroller, the CANgineBerry can easily execute CAN Bus protocols with tough timing demands such as CANcrypt or CANopen with response times of under 10 ms.

Depending on the configuration, the CAN Bus communication can be up and running within 50 ms after power-on, even if the host system takes significantly longer to boot.

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