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PCI Express Mini Card With 2 CAN Bus Or 2 CAN FD Interfaces

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PCI Express® Mini Card with 2 CAN or 2 CAN FD Interfaces

The CAN-PCIeMini/402-2 board by esd electronics is an add-in PCI Express Full-Mini Card that utilizes two electrically isolated CAN Bus High-Speed interfaces. The PCI Express Mini Card CAN-PCIeMini/402-2-FD comes with two CAN FD interfaces.

The optional adapter CAN-PCIeMini/402-DSUB9 comes with a DSUB9 connector, selectable onboard CAN termination, and an adapter cable.

The independent CAN Bus nets are managed by the ISO 16845:2004 certified esdACC (esd Advanced CAN Core) implemented in an Altera FPGA.

The FPGA maintains bus mastering (first-party DMA) to transport data to the host memory, which results in a reduction of overall latency on servicing I/O transactions in particular at higher data rates and a reduced host CPU load.

Due to the usage of an MSI (Message Signaled Interrupts), the CAN-PCIeMini/402-2(-FD) board can be operated, for example, in Hypervisor environments.

The CAN-PCIeMini/402-2(-FD) board provides high-resolution 64-bit hardware timestamps for CAN Bus messages.

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Dual Isolated CAN FD HAT for Raspberry Pi

Dual Isolated CAN FD HAT for Raspberry Pi

The 2-Channel CAN bus expansion HAT, designed for Raspberry Pi, supports two CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data-Rate) ports with a data rate of up to 8Mbps. It features multi onboard protection circuits, high anti-interference capability to assure reliable operation and make it suitable for applications in the field of automotive devices and industrial automation.

The CAN FD HAT adds CAN Bus capabilities to your Raspberry Pi, not only the original CAN 2.0 protocol, but also the CAN FD extension, with up to 8Mbps data rate, and higher data throughput.

Thanks to multiple onboard protection circuits, include 500W lighting surge, ESD, short circuit protection, and electrical isolation, it makes the communication safer and more reliable.

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