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Motor Control With Arduino Mega 2560, Raspberry Pi, Or BeagleBone Black

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Motors for Makers: A Guide to Steppers, Servos, and Other Electrical Machines

Makers can do amazing things with motors. Yes, they may be more complicated than some other circuit elements, but with this book, you can completely master them. Once you do, many incredible new projects become possible. 

First, the author Matthew Scarpino explains how electric motors work and what you need to know about each major type, may it be stepper, servo, induction, or linear motors. Next, he presents detailed instructions and working code for interfacing with and controlling servomotors with the Arduino Mega 2560, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone Black. All source code and design files are available for download from the publisher's website at

From start to finish, you will learn by means of practical examples, crystal-clear explanations, and photos. If you have ever dreamed of what you could do with electric motors, stop dreaming...and start making!

  • Understand why electric motors are so versatile and how they work
  • Choose the right motor for your project
  • Build the circuits needed to control each type of motor
  • Program motor control with Arduino Mega 2560, Raspberry Pi, or BeagleBone Black
  • Use gearmotors to get the right amount of torque
  • Use linear motors to improve speed and precision
  • Design a fully functional electronic speed control (ESC) circuit
  • Design your own quadcopter
  • Discover how electric motors work in modern electric vehicles, with a fascinating inside look at Tesla’s patents for motor design and control!

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Electric Motors
  • Chapter 2: Preliminary Concepts
  • Chapter 3: DC Motors
  • Chapter 4: Stepper Motors
  • Chapter 5: Servomotors
  • Chapter 6: AC Motors
  • Chapter 7: Gears and Gearmotors
  • Chapter 8: Linear Motors
  • Chapter 9: Controlling Motors with the Arduino Mega
  • Chapter 10: Controlling Motors with the Raspberri Pi
  • Chapter 11: Controlling Motors with the BeagleBone Black
  • Chapter 12: Designing an Arduino-Based Electronic Speed Control (ESC) Circuit
  • Chapter 13: Designing a Quadcopter
  • Chapter 14: Electric Vehicles
  • Appendix A: Electric Generators
  • Appendix B: Glossary

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CANgineBerry - CANopen Module for Raspberry Pi

CANgineBerry - CANopen Module for Raspberry Pi

The CANgineBerry for CANopen is an active CAN Bus co-processor module that uses a regular UART communication port to communicate with a host system, e.g. the Raspberry Pi or any other embedded system. With its independent 32-bit microcontroller, the CANgineBerry board can easily execute CAN Bus protocols with tough timing demands such as CANcrypt or CANopen with response times of under 10 ms.

Depending on the configuration, the CAN Bus communication can be up and running within 50 ms after power-on, even if the host system takes significantly longer to boot.

Available firmware options at launch include a generic minimal CANopen Manager/Controller and a CANopenIA Device both based on the CANopenIA implementation. Within the next weeks we will also release a CANcrypt version of the popular Lawicel protocol (SLCAN).

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