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MadeForSTM32 Approved CANopen Slave Software For STM32 Microcontrollers

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Emotas Embedded Communication’s CANopen Slave Software has been evaluated and approved by ST Microelectronics (ST) to become the first MadeForSTM32 supported CANopen software for STM32 microcontrollers.

The MadeForSTM32 label is available for ST authorized partners only. It assures that the software within the STM32 ecosystem had been examined and qualified by ST specialists to be of high quality. The product evaluation for the label is based on criteria such as development process evaluation, technical ‘hands-on’ evaluation, and evaluation of the support process for faster time‑to‑market.

The CANopen slave software expansion for STM32Cube builds on Emotas’ CANopen stack, and the STM32Cube expansion simplifies a smooth integration into STM32Cube developments. The CANopen slave software expansion for STM32Cube is the CANopen slave stack basic wrapped into a STM32Cube expansion package. It is a software library that provides all slave communication services according to the CANopen communication profile CiA 301 version 4.2 and additional services such as LSS, according to CiA 305. The complete CANopen slave stack, according to CiA 301 4.2, provides the following CANopen services:

  • NMT slave
  • multiple SDO servers (expedited/ segmented/block transfer)
  • Heartbeat producer and consumer
  • PDO producer and consumer
  • Sync consumer
  • Emergency producer
  • and LSS slave (CiA 305)

The delivery includes the stack’s ANSI-C source code being Misra‑C:2004‑compliant and multiple ready‑to‑run examples. Besides a free evaluation package, commercial licenses of the product are available. Customers may choose between project licenses with six months of support and site licenses that include 24 months of support and updates. The product is complemented by the CANopen Devicedesigner tool that generates the object dictionary and device descriptions files (EDS).

The CANopen slave software expansion for STM32Cube is currently available for the STM32G4 series only, but further STM32 variants are in planning.

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CANgineBerry - CANopen Module for Raspberry Pi And Other Embedded Systems

CANgineBerry - CANopen Module for Raspberry Pi And Other Embedded Systems

The CANgineBerry for CANopen is an active CAN Bus co-processor module that uses a regular UART communication channel towards the host system. With its independent 32-bit microcontroller, the CANgineBerry can easily execute CAN Bus protocols with tough timing demands such as CANcrypt or CANopen with response times of under 10 ms.

Depending on the configuration, the CAN Bus communication can be up and running within 50 ms after power-on, even if the host system takes significantly longer to boot.

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