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Low-Cost Cloud IoT Development Kit Supports Microsoft Visual Studio And Azure

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Plugable MXChip AZ3166 IoT DevKit Compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio and Azure

The MXChip AZ3166 IoT Development Kit, as its name implies, is made for building cloud-enabled IoT apps in a productive and entertaining way.

The development kit provides a smart hardware solution. It is compatible with the Arduino platform with abundant peripherals and sensors. The AZ3166 can be used for the development of IoT and smart hardware prototypes, making it an excellent resource for verifying software functionality. The product can also connect to the Azure cloud service or mobile phones fast and safely and reduce research efforts. The AZ3166 comes with supporting software samples and hardware to support the developer community, including development kit and demo for a quick connection to cloud services. Control and operation can be managed by a mobile phone or tablet.

The main control unit in the AZ3166 is the EMW3166, a low power consumption Wi-Fi module developed by MXCHIP with DAP Link emulator and 128x64 OLED and other resources such as LED lights. The development kit has an audio processing unit to connect to the Azure cloud service for voice recognition and voice play. Other features include sensors and extended interface.

  • Build a cloud powered IoT app in minutes using Microsoft Azure services with this fully Arduino compatible board.
  • Develop quickly and seamlessly utilizing Visual Studio with the Arduino Extension
  • SoC module combines the power of the ST Microelectronics STM32F412 at its core and MXChip EMW3166 for WiFi
  • On-board peripherals include an OLED screen, headphone output, stereo microphone and abundant sensors like humidity & temperature, pressure, motion (accelerometer & gyroscope) and magnetometer
  • 25 external GPIO pins on the edge connector allow you to connect many external sensors and actuators

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