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Gateway Controller With UART Interface Embeds Non-CANopen Systems Into CANopen Networks

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Frenzel + Berg Electronic - CO401Gateway2 - BBD

The CO401GW2-BBD by frenzel & berg electronic is a small-size plug-in module based on the single-chip controller CO401GW2. This module comes with an onboard CAN transceiver, allowing immediate connection to the CAN bus without further components. The CO401GW2 gateway controller provides a gateway to a virtual I/O-area in the CANopen-system. The external access is accomplished via a serial interface, making it possible to embed a non-CANopen system into a CANopen network.

The CO401GW2 is a low-cost, high-performance single-chip solution for CANopen gateway applications. The chip enables serial connections to a standard CANopen network. The device offers a smooth implementation of the CANopen standards DS301 and DS401.

On the CANopen bus side, the device simulates a CANopen slave node with either 16 digital input bytes, 12 analog input channels, 16 digital output bytes, and 12 analog output channels. The device offers eight digital input bits and eight digital output bits. The rest of the I/O area is realized as transfer memory for the gateway functionality. The access to this virtual I/O area is done via a serial interface using a simple protocol. The CO401GW2 implements the complete object dictionary and handles the CANopen bus line autonomously. The CANopen Chip requires only a few external components, just like a crystal, a CAN transceiver, and capacitors.


  • 16 bit CPU
  • supply voltage 5V DC
  • temperature range -40 .. +85┬░C
  • measurements 41x31x18 mm


  • UART gateway interface
  • UART baudrate adjustable
  • 128 virtual digital inputs (16 Byte)
  • 128 virtual digital outputs (16 Byte)
  • 8 virtual analog inputs (8 Byte)
  • 8 virtual analog outputs (8 Byte)
  • access to CANopen object dictionary


  • 8 digital inputs (5V)
  • 8 digital outputs (5V)


  • CAN-Bus V2.0b
  • CAN-baudrates up to 1Mbit
  • nodenumber 1 .. 127
  • CANopen draft standard DS301 V4.0 / DS401 V2.0
  • CANopen diagnosis LEDs (LED outputs)
  • PDOs receive/transmit 5/5
  • SDOs server/client 1/0
  • PDO-event timer
  • PDO-inhibit timer
  • PDO-transmission mode event triggered, synchron,
    asynchron, cyclic, anti cyclic, remote frame
  • variable PDO-identifier
  • dynamic PDO-mapping
  • emergency
  • nodeguarding/lifeguarding/heartbeat
  • objectdictionary / configuration storable
  • minimum boot up
  • EDS-file

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CANgineBerry - CANopen Module for Raspberry Pi And Other Embedded Systems

CANgineBerry - CANopen Module for Raspberry Pi And Other Embedded Systems

The CANgineBerry for CANopen is an active CAN Bus co-processor module that uses a regular UART communication channel towards the host system. With its independent 32-bit microcontroller, the CANgineBerry can easily execute CAN Bus protocols with tough timing demands such as CANcrypt or CANopen with response times of under 10 ms.

Depending on the configuration, the CAN Bus communication can be up and running within 50 ms after power-on, even if the host system takes significantly longer to boot.

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