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Embedded Platform For Automotive Applications Supports CAN Bus And CAN FD

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IXXAT FRC Embedded Platform For Automotive Applications

The FRC-EP170 and the FRC-EP190 by HMS/IXXAT are universally usable hardware platforms for applications on the test bench or in vehicles. Among others, the devices provide classical CAN Bus and CAN FD interfaces.

Expansion slots enable to add other interfaces, including WLAN, GSM, or GPS. Both devices have the same processor and the same operating system, making the new variant completely software-compatible.

The primary target application of the FRC-EP190 is integration with test benches in the automotive communications world. The FRC-EP170 was developed for use in vehicles. Its main application areas are gateway solutions for connection to different ECU integration levels, prototype controllers, expansion of data-loggers with additional interfaces, and wireless signal display using mobile phones or tablet PCs.

Demanding Restbus simulation and gateway solutions can be implemented based on either device, using the corresponding software packages from the company. There are also development packages available for the development of specific solutions. Custom functions and applications can be implemented by customers in-house due to the use of the Linux operating system and the availability of a free Software Development Kit. A LIN interface is also available.

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PiCAN2 Duo Isolated CAN-Bus Board for Raspberry Pi 2/3

PiCAN2 Duo Isolated CAN-Bus Board for Raspberry Pi

This PiCAN2 DUO ISO board provides two independent isolated CAN-Bus channels for the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3. It uses the Microchip MCP2515 CAN controller with ISO1050 isolated CAN transceiver. Connections are made via 4 way screw terminal plugs.

There is an easy-to-install SocketCAN driver, and programming can be accomplished in C or Python.


  • Two galvanically isolated CAN channels
  • 70mA 5v output per channel that can be use to power other CAN nodes
  • CAN v2.0B at 1 Mb/s
  • High speed SPI Interface (10 MHz)
  • Standard and extended data and remote frames
  • CAN connection screw terminal
  • 120Ω terminator ready
  • Serial LCD ready
  • LED indicator
  • Four fixing holes, comply with Pi Hat standard
  • SocketCAN driver, appears as can0 and can1 to application
  • Interrupt RX on GPIO25 and GPIO24

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