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Dual-Mode Bluetooth 5 Wireless Module Compatible With Bluetooth Low Energy And Legacy Bluetooth Classic

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Fujitsu FWM7BTZ61 series of Bluetooth Ver. 5.0 - dual mode - wireless radio modules

Fujitsu Components America announced the release of its FWM7BTZ61 series of Bluetooth Ver. 5.0 (dual-mode) wireless radio modules compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy and legacy Bluetooth Classic BR/EDR, providing designers the adaptability to choose between the two operating modes in one module.

The fully integrated FWM7BTZ61 series utilizes the Cypress Semiconductor CYW20819 SoC and features Bluetooth Low Energy profile and Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR) power class 2 capabilities in a single module. It also supports Bluetooth Ver. 5.0 signature X2 communication.

The symbol rate and data rate supports 1Mbps and improved 2Mbps to expedite the communication speed with other Bluetooth Low Energy devices. Also, Classic mode supports 1Mbps (BR: Basic Rate) and two and three Mbps (EDR: Enhanced Data Rate) communication.

For the benefit of different design needs, the series portfolio includes two fully certified models:

  • One model contains SPP (Serial Port Profile) for Bluetooth Classic and GATT profile for Bluetooth Low Energy. SPP is the most common profile for serial communication applications. A GATT profile enables all Bluetooth communications with other modules through the GATT layer in the module by using simple text commands via UART.
  • Another model replaces the GATT Direct Access profile with Fujitsu Components’ unique embedded firmware, enabling simple text-based commands via UART to control all Bluetooth commands and parameters to simplify customized firmware development.


  • Compatible with both Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Classic technology
  • GATT Direct Access function
  • Conforms to Bluetooth Specification Version 5.0 Technology Dual Mode
  • powered by Cypress Semiconductor's CYW20819 SoC
  • Supports operating voltages from 1.71V to 3.63V
  • Can be connected to the Apple Authentication 3.0 Coprocessor

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