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CAN-to-Cloud Gateway Connects CAN Bus to Microsoft Azure Cloud Via Ethernet

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esd electronics - CAN-to-Cloud Gateway

The CAN-to-Cloud device by esd electronics connects a CAN Bus network to Microsoft Azure Cloud using Azure IoT Hub. Once transferred to the Cloud, the data can be processed according to the user's needs. 

Microsoft Azure offers a multitude of software services for further processing, such as storing, displaying, and analyzing process data. 

The service also allows the designing of alerts based on the processed data, with the possibility of connecting these alerts to your computer, smart device or phone. 

The release date for the device is targeted for the first quarter of 2019.

Further information about the Microsoft Azure services is available at


  • Easy-to-use Web Browser Interface
  • Flexible process image configuration
    - Filter CAN messages by ID
    - Relay complete or partial CAN message data
    - Multitude of data formats
    - Add application specific infos to your messages
    - Message timestamps
  • Secure data transfer using TLS/SSL

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