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4G LTE-Ready ARM Linux IIoT gateways with CAN Bus Interface

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4G LTE-Ready ARM Linux IIoT gateways with CAN Bus Interface

Moxa introduced their UC-2100, UC-3100, and UC-5100 series. These industrial-grade computers are integrated ARM-based Linux platforms that include Moxa Industrial Linux (MIL) and optional Thingspro Gateway data-acquisition software.

To meet the varied requirements of embedded data acquisition and processing applications, equipment used in an industrial environment often needs to be able to operate in harsh conditions while installed in a cabinet with limited space available. The 4G LTE technology can provide massive speed improvements, but also results in increased heat generated by the 4G LTE components.

To provide reliable 4G LTE connectivity in challenging environments, Moxa’s UC Series IIoT gateways are available in models that can operate in a range of operating temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +75 °C and are backed by a 5-year hardware warranty. They are also available in sizes as 50 mm x 80 mm x 28 mm so they can fit into a control cabinet. Beyond 4G LTE connectivity, the UC series IIoT gateways also offer a range of other interface options to meet the requirements of any project, including a CAN Bus network.

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4G, LTE-Advanced Pro and The Road to 5G

The upcoming 5G specifications from 3GPP, to be available in 2018, will include LTE-Advanced Pro as well as a new 5G radio-access technology. This practical and very successful book, written by engineers working closely with 3GPP, gives insight into the newest technologies and standards adopted by 3GPP, with detailed explanations of the specific solutions chosen and their implementation in LTE, LTE-Advanced, and LTE-Advanced Pro, as well as providing a detailed description of the path to 5G and the associated underlying technologies.

This edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the large extensions to LTE as introduced in 3GPP Releases 12 and 13 and the role of LTE in the upcoming 5G era. New to this edition includes updated content on:

  • 4G and 5G Radio Access
  • Spectrum for 4G and 5G
  • Machine-Type Communication
  • Device-to-Device Communication
  • License-assisted Access
  • Full-dimension MIMO
  • Small-cell enhancements, eIMTA, FDD+TDD aggregation, dual connectivity
  • Requirements on and general structure of 5G wireless access, addressing the existing and new usage scenarios for 5G
  • Technical solutions for the new 5G radio-access technology

The authors of this book all work at Ericsson Research and have been deeply involved in 3G and 4G development and standardization. They are leading experts in the field and are today actively contributing to the standardization of 4G and 5G within 3GPP.

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