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DIN-Rail IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) Gateway With CAN Bus Interface For Transportation And Industrial Applications

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Axiomtek IFB112 IIoT Gateway With CAN Bus Interface

Axiomtek announced the launch of its RISC-based fanless DIN-rail IIoT gateway, the IFB112. The fanless IIoT gateway supports the NXP (Freescale) i.MX6UL ARM Cortex-A7 528MHz SoC. It offers a combination of features that make it suitable for a variety of challenging applications including transportation, heavy-duty industrial use, smart factory, smart grid, etc.

The design concept of IFB112 is aiming to meet the demands of mission critical applications. The gateway controller with IP30-rated aluminum and steel enclosure supports an operating temperature ranging from -40°C to 70°C, a voltage range of 9V - 48V DC power input with terminal block, and has been designed to withstand vibration up to 5G. For system integrators with wireless communication needs, the IFB112 has one PCI Express Mini Card slot, one SIM card slot, and two internal antennas. It supports one serial port, two LANs and one CAN Bus port to enable fast and efficient data acquisition and communication. Its digital I/O port provides users with a convenience of digital devices connection.

The DIN-rail fanless gateway comes with one 256MB DDR3 onboard memory and one 4GB eMMC flash memory for storage. The system is designed with 31 x 100 x 125 mm in size and has I/O connections including one RS-232/422/485 port, two 10/100 Mbps LAN ports, one USB 2.0 port, one CAN Bus port, and one digital I/O (2-IN/1-OUT). The industrial grade DIN-rail embedded platform comes with Yocto embedded Linux to provide an open standard operating system for software program development.


  • RISC-based (i.MX 6UltraLite) processor 528 MHz
  • 256MB DDR3 SDRAM onboard
  • 4GB eMMC flash onboard
  • 1 Wireless (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G)
  • 1 CAN Bus
  • 2 digital inputs and 1 digital output
  • 9 ~ 48 VDC wide range power input with terminal block
  • Embedded Linux operating system (Yocto)
  • Fanless design
  • Wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C

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