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Programmable Six-Channel Classical CAN And CAN FD Router Supports I/O And Data Logging

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Programmable 6-Channel Router for CAN and CAN FD with I/O and Data Logger

The Six-Channel PCAN-Router Pro FD by PEAK Systems connects the data traffic of modern CAN FD and classic CAN Bus networks. Pluggable CAN Bus transceiver modules provide universal adaptation for each CAN-Bus channel to match their individual requirements. In addition, the router comes with an analog input and four digital I/Os. The CAN Bus data traffic can be recorded on internal memory or an inserted memory card and read out through USB. Thus, the PCAN-Router Pro FD manages, monitors, and controls the data flow of test benches and production plants. Furthermore, the conversion from Classical CAN to CAN FD or vice versa enables the integration of new CAN FD applications into existing CAN 2.0 networks.

The user can modify the PCAN-Router Pro FD's functionality through programming capabilities to meet the demands of specific applications. The firmware supports a development package with a GNU compiler for C and C++, which transfers the code to the module via CAN connection. In addition, various programming examples, such as message forwarding or recording, facilitate end-user solutions.

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CAN-Bus Hub With 7 Ports And DC Power Connection

CAN-Bus Hub With 7 Ports And DC Power Connection

The 7-port CAN-bus hub with DC power distribution allows the easy connection of CAN Bus nodes and thus creating a full CAN Bus network. A 120 Ohm termination resistor is onboard with jumper enable option.

This is a mere hardware device to create a CAN Bus network; it does not require any software setup.

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