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Isolated RS-485 Transceiver Provides 4Mbps Bidirectional Data Transmission For Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT) Networks

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Internsil ISL32704E - Industry's Smallest Isolated RS‑485 TransceiverIntersil, a provider of power management and precision analog solutions, announced the isolated RS-485 differential bus transceiver designed to provide 4Mbps bidirectional data transmission for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks. The ISL32704E delivers electromagnetic interference (EMI) and common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) in a 4mm x 5mm QSOP package. It also provides 600VRMS of working voltage.

The ISL32704E RS-485 transceiver leverages giant magnetoresistance (GMR) technology to provide galvanic isolation that keeps the communication bus free from common-mode noise generated in electrically noisy factory and building automation environments. The ISL32704E is suited for the equipment-to-bus interface in IIoT networks that connect programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to instruments, robots, motor drives, data acquisition and digital I/O modules.

The ISL32704E’s 20mA supply current allows the ISL32704E to operate in a QSOP package at maximum speed without overheating. On the non-isolated control-side, the ISL32704E supports direct connection to a 3V microcontroller while the isolated bus-side connects to a higher voltage 5V supply for communication of strong bus signals across 100 meters and longer distances. The ISL32704E is fully compliant with the EN 50081 and EN 50082-2 electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards and the umbrella line-voltage standard for information technology equipment (ITE) EN 61000.

Key Features and Specifications of ISL32704E

  • 4Mbps data rate
  • 2.5kVRMS isolation per UL 1577 standard, and 600VRMS working voltage per VDE 0884 standard
  • Supports 3V to 5V power supplies
  • Single unit load allows up to 32 devices on the bus
  • 50kV/µs (typ), 30kV/µs (min) common-mode transient immunity
  • Offers a barrier lifetime of 44,000 years
  • 15kV ESD bus-pin protection
  • Thermal shutdown protection prevents damage during bus contention
  • Operation from -40°C to +85°C
  • Meets ANSI RS-485 standard
  • VDE V0884-11 certification pending
  • Download/View the ISL32704E White Paper (PDF)...

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