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Linux-Ready ARM Embedded Industrial Computer For Mobile Applications

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Matrix-710 Linux-ready Cortex-A5 Industrial Box ComputerArtila Electronics, which specializes in the development and manufacture of Linux-ready ARM embedded industrial computers, launched the Box Computer , Matrix-710, based on ARM Cortex-A5, especially for industrial control, automation gateway, mobile gateway, and smart energy applications. Matrix-710 adapts ARM processor technology coupled with the open Linux operating system. To achieve the need for M2M applications, The computer enables wireless Internet connectivity and GPS for location information transition. Matrix-710 also offers a miniPCIe slot for users to deploy these modules.

Based on the ARM Cortex-A5 core with floating-point unit (FPU), with a 32-bit wide DDR controller that offers up to 1600MB/s of bandwidth, Matrix-710 is a choice for applications requiring computing and data processing. It also provides a variety of interfaces, including Gigabit and 10/100 Ethernet, up to three USB ports, dual CAN, several SDIO/SD/MMC, UARTs, SPIs, TWIs, for users can connect a variety of peripheral devices.

Matrix-710 provides Linux Kernel 4.4.x version of the operating system and support ETX4 file system. It also has pre-installed a number of utilities, drivers, and management system tools.


  • ATMEL ATSAMA5D35 536MHz Cortex-A5 CPU
  • Linux kernel 4.9.x with file system
  • 8GB eMMC Flash and 8MB DataFlash for system backup
  • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet and 1 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet
  • 4 x USB host ports
  • 4 x isolation RS-485 serial ports and 4 x RS-485 serial ports
  • 2 x CAN ports
  • 1 x miniPCIe expansion Slot
  • Download/View the Matrix-710 Data Sheet (PDF)...
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The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction by William E. Shotts Jr.

You have experienced the shiny, point-and-click surface of your Linux computer—now dive below and explore its depths with the power of the command line. 

The Linux Command Line takes you from your very first terminal keystrokes to writing full programs in Bash, the most popular Linux shell. 

Along the way you will learn the timeless skills handed down by generations of gray-bearded, mouse-shunning gurus: file navigation, environment configuration, command chaining, pattern matching with regular expressions, and more. 

In addition to that practical knowledge, author William Shotts reveals the philosophy behind these tools and the rich heritage that your desktop Linux machine has inherited from Unix supercomputers of yore. 

As you make your way through the book's short, easily-digestible chapters, you will learn how to: 

  • Create and delete files, directories, and symlinks.
  • Administer your system, including networking, package installation, and process management.
  • Use standard input and output, redirection, and pipelines Edit files with Vi, the world's most popular text editor.
  • Write shell scripts to automate common or boring tasks Slice and dice text files with cut, paste, grep, patch, and sed.

Once you overcome your initial "shell shock," you will find that the command line is a natural and expressive way to communicate with your computer. Just don't be surprised if your mouse starts to gather dust. More Information...

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