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Our apologies! VisualSizer.Com fell victim to a hacking attack...

On February 14, 2016 (Valentine's Day, after all), all of our websites, including and (our main website), fell victim to a severe hacking attack. The damage was to such a degree that our Internet service provider ( was unable to revive our Virtual Private Server (VPS). We have managed to re-create this website,, on a different but secure server not operated by

We had backups of all websites, but the lessons learned out of this desaster are: 

  • Stay away from WordPress to run your business' website, unless you use a "shared service," which is protected against hacking. The downside of a "shared service" is that your website will be limited in terms of download speed, which will limit your rankings, no matter how hard you try.
  • Never sign up for a Virtual Private Server (VPS), unless you are or have access to an experienced server admninistrator (Bluehost never mentioned that VPS also means you are responsible for malware scans, malware removal, prevention of hacker attacks, backups, etc. but they're happy to take your money).
  • Stay away from; their technical support is horrible (This website runs through; great service, professional protection included).

While all information from is lost, we are working on reviving it, and you can still contact us through this website.